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Mudgee Weekend Escapes

Packed with colonial buildings and filled with heritage, Mudgee NSW is the second oldest settlement west of the Blue Mountains. Today, Mudgee is famous for its abundant wineries, and its gorgeous position nestled within a green valley makes for the perfect weekend getaway from Sydney.

In fact, its name meaning ‘nest in the hills’, says it all. Mudgee is a beautiful oasis encapsulated with a beautiful backdrop of rolling green hills. More than 40 charming family-owned cellar doors as well as colonial buildings housing little cafes and shops take you back in time. There’s no shortage of outdoor activities either. Magnificent national parks and open spaces make for stunning cycling, canoeing, hiking and horse riding opportunities.


Explore a wine-rich town in the heart of regional New South Wales; experience a Mudgee Weekend Escape.

Things to do in Mudgee

Your Ultimate Guide to Mudgee

Driving from Mudgee from Sydney will take you only four hours. Once you arrive, you will find yourself in a divine little oasis packed with things to do. Over forty wineries and delectable food and drink will keep all foodies satisfied and the surrounding nature will send you back to Sydney refreshed. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing weekend getaway from Sydney with your other half or a holiday spent in nature with the kids a Mudgee getaway will tick all your boxes.

To uncover more tips regarding things to do in Mudgee, check out our Ultimate Guide. This Ultimate Guide will help you craft your very own Mudgee Weekend Escape.



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Art & Culture

The endearing town of Mudgee is itself, a historic gem. In fact, the Mudgee valley was discovered in 1821, whilst the first vines of the region were planted in 1858 by a German family, the Roths. Today, the town’s rich heritage is evident and a morning spent wandering the town’s streets will reveal colonial buildings, including an old post office and a quaint old church. Choose some centrally located Mudgee accommodation and you will find yourself swept away to the soul of a characterful countryside town.

Unsurprisingly, the beautiful Mudgee region is now home to a number of artists including those specialising in jewellery, textiles, sculptures, metal work, photography and paintings. Finding their muse in the local environment, local artists are often inspired by the region itself. A number of galleries can be found within the town – including at the old railway station itself – meanwhile local wineries often host local art work too. A Mudgee getaway doesn’t have to revolve around wine (unless you want it to).

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Nature & the Outdoors

The town of Mudgee is pretty, but its topography is stunning. On your way to your Mudgee getaway from Sydney, Wollemi National Park is a NSW must-visit. The park is the largest wilderness area in New South Wales and its canyons, towering cliffs, thick forests and wild rivers ensure the ultimate hiking experience. Kayaking through the national parks is another way to get up close to nature and witness the extraordinary landscapes. Additionally, Castle Rocks in the Munghorn Gap Nature Reserve offers equally beautiful scenic views and is dotted with lookout points.

Cycling in Mudgee is also very popular and mountain biking trails are plenty. Depart from your Mudgee accommodation by bike and explore the land in style. Specifically designed dirt trails west of the little town are easy to access, and road cycling is a superb way to breeze through the Mudgee countryside. A circular trail besides the river is the best way to see the region with kids, whilst The Rocky Waterhole loop – a 25km ride which whizzes across river flats and past open farmland – takes you on a tour through the expansive Mudgee valley.

Food & Drink

Wineries in Mudgee region are sprinkled in all directions from the town and across the green hills. You won’t ever be far from the vines and the more than forty cellar doors. Mudgee wineries are known for each having their own unique story and branding and resultantly offer delightfully original experiences. Positioned within the hills, wineries here also boast fantastic views and so they’re often some of the best places to head a for long lunch or dinner with a sunset.

Elegant eateries and chic spots for grazing are abundant in Mudgee too. The town’s regional location has resulted in an emphasis on local produce and many of the restaurants source as locally as possible. Modern Australian cuisine shines through in Mudgee, yet international cuisine is also very easy to come across. On top of the vast array of local wines you’ll find in restaurants, craft beers are also readily available in Mudgee. Food found amidst Aussie wine regions never let you down, and Mudgee restaurants are no exception to the rule.


Where to stay in Mudgee

Parklands Resort and Conference Centre

Placed within 30 acres of gorgeously manicured gardens, Parklands Resort in Mudgee makes for an idyllic weekend in the countryside. Found just on the edge of town, the resort offers an indoor pool, spa and sauna which add an extra layer of luxury to your stay. Stylish, modern rooms overlooking the manicured gardens are totally exquisite here.

Ultimate guide to Mudgee

Your Ultimate Guide to Mudgee

Your Ultimate Guide to Mudgee

Just over 250km Northwest of Sydney you will find the countryside town of Mudgee. This New South Wales town is actually the second oldest settlement west of the Blue Mountains, established in 1838. Architecture from the 1860s still standing in the town today gives Mudgee a quaint and historic feel.

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