WA Weekend Escapes

Vast and unimaginably diverse, Western Australia is a state teeming with wilderness. Beaches and coves, deep gorges, baffling rock formations and a buzzing capital make this one of Australia’s most enticing states.

Western Australia’s capital, Perth, is a city of sprawling suburbs each with their own unique personalities. Lining the never ending coastline and its sweeping sandy beaches, Perth is also positioned at the mouth of the sparkling Swan River. Meanwhile, across its centre, cultural spots such as museums, theatres and galleries are scattered. At Kings Park and Botanic Garden which is perched up high upon Mount Eliza, unbelievable views of the glistening cityscape are captured.

Covering an entire third of the country, Western Australia is comprised of mainly arid outback landscapes. North of Perth, a stretching coastline of coves and completely deserted beaches never end. The Kimberley with its deep red gorges and wild rivers creates a sense of unmatched wonderment. 

At the opposite end, the fertile lands of the southwest are home to Margaret River, a romantic wine region famous for its fantastic wines and local food. Albany, on the southern coast, is a haven for surfers and offers rocky coastal scenes and beautiful natural reserves. Head to Western Australia to marvel at larger-than-life scenes you won’t find anywhere else.

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