Adelaide to Port Pirie: How to get there and where to stop

The drive from Adelaide to Port Pirie takes approximately 2.5 hours, making it ideal for a quick getaway. The town, in South Australia’s Mid North, is found on the coast and is known for its colonial and industrial history. Additionally, it offers a beautiful backdrop of the southern Flinders Ranges and nearby national parks. Read on to find out how to get to Port Pirie from Adelaide and where to stop on the way.

Adelaide to Port Pirie

There are a number of ways to get from Adelaide to Port Pirie, depending on how long you allow yourself and what you want to see on the way. Make the drive to Port Pirie from Adelaide, part of your Weekend Escape and discover the Mid North – a part of South Australia you may not be so familiar with.

In this short article, we share the main route to Port Pirie from Adelaide and highlight the attractions you will be able to visit on the way. Whether you’re travelling alone or with kids, the stops below will add some fun to your journey!

Pic credit: SATC/Port Pirie Regional Council

A trip up the coast from Adelaide

Keeping west and tracing the coast is the quickest way to get to Port Pirie. Heading north out of Adelaide on the M2, keep left to join the A1 and begin your journey to Port Pirie. But, before you start settling into your seat, it’s already time for a stop!

St Kilda

If you’ve got kids with you (or even if you haven’t!) St Kilda playground is an excellent spot to enjoy your first break. The park has actually become a well-loved attraction for children and adults alike, including drawcard features such as a huge castle, a bouncy boomerang, flying fox, pirate ship, a basketball court, swings and more. There are barbecues available too, as well as sheltered spots for picnics. Once you’ve stretched your legs, it’s time to move on!

Port Wakefield

In Port Wakefield – 1 hour and 15 minutes after St Kilda – it’s time for another break. Perhaps stretch your legs at the water’s edge and discover the old buildings and historical sites. You’ll find some board walks, a mangrove forest and abundant bird life by the water. Next, head to a bakery or pick up a snack from one of the few eateries. Once you’re done, it’s time to get back in the car.

Pic credit: SATC/Isaac Forman, Serio


The most otherworldly stop on your way to Port Pirie is found at Lochiel. Lake Bumbunga is what you want to look out for – and it won’t be hard to find. A pastel pink lake on the edge of the town, this iconic South Australian body is water is a great spot to make a stop. Casual photographers and even high-end fashion brands head here to take photographs, because the water changes colour from pink, to white, to blue during the year. Once you’ve had a look, taken a quick walk and shot some photos, it’s time to move on.

Crystal Brook

If you’re not in a rush to get from Adelaide to Port Pirie, you may also want to make a coffee stop at Crystal Brook. In this small historic village you can head to Vault 35 for a drink and a treat, you can visit The Big Tree Goanna statue and maybe even head over to Gumby’s Kangaroo and Wildlife Sanctuary as you make your way back to Port Pirie.

A bite and a hotel in Port Pirie

Once you arrive in Port Pirie, it’s time to spend some time exploring the town. To find out about all the things you can do in Port Pirie, check out this Ultimate Guide. Discover not only the historic town and the coast, but the national parks and beautiful nature which surrounds it.

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