Things to do in Shepparton with kids

A weekend packed with activities

A lot of weekend getaways in Australia involve trips to wineries or enjoying the seaside, and we are not complaining. In fact, we’re spoiled for choice and incredibly lucky. There are however some unique and less known choices inland when it comes to weekend getaways from Melbourne, which offer a whole array of unique activities. 

Wollundry Lagoon – Pic credit: Greater Shepparton City Council

Shepparton Victoria is one of these. Shepparton is a place that over the years has become an absolute haven for families with kids. This little place really goes above and beyond to cater for the little ones in our lives. Rivers and lakes, adventure parks, playgrounds, fun exhibitions, wildlife parks and much more offer families so many exciting options when it comes to outdoor activities and day trips. 

Situated only a two hour drive from the Victorian capital, Shepparton is absolutely a contender when it comes to family weekends away from Melbourne. You might not have considered it before, but let us show you why Shepparton might be ideal for you and your family this summer.

Things that the kids will love (and why you’ll love it too)

Kyabram Fauna Park 

When it comes to things to do with kids in Shepparton, this is naturally a winner. Home to around 600 native Australian animals, Kyabram Fauna Park is naturally an excellent day trip for families in Shepparton. In the park, you’ll find wombats, wallabies, emus and koalas amongst lots of other animals. A reptile house with crocodiles, lizards, snakes and even turtles is interesting not only for the kids but for anyone with an interest in wildlife. If you’re not a massive fan of too much ice cream and excitable kids, the 55 hectares of woodland allows for endless strolling and more relaxing interactions with nature. Free-roaming kangaroos and colourful birds can be spotted not only from the group but also an observation tower here. 

Canoeing and Kayaking 

Hiring a canoe or kayak is always a great activity to interest not only the kids but adults too. At Adventure Tours, you are able to hire a kayak or canoe per hour or for the day and enjoy the Goulburn River up close. The river here is ancient and offers awesome insight into the Australian bush. Find echidnas, birds, kangaroos and much more on the banks of the river. Your family will love setting off on a mini adventure here. Established in 1993, the business is great at what it does and offers as much advice as you need. 


Granted, this might be an activity mostly for the kids, but it’s still an amazing sight to see Australia’s largest adventure playground. Spread across a huge five acres, this Shepparton playground includes swings, treehouses, a miniature train, giant slides, mazes, sandpits, a toddler area and an accessible wheelchair swing. The playground is also surrounded by pristine Australian bushland, making it a great place to admire a relaxing view. If you bring a picnic, you could be here all day, especially because there’s an opportunity to grab a coffee right next door.

Cactus Country

Cactus Country is a wonderful and utterly gorgeous place to spend half a day. Surrounded by desert, this wild oasis is packed with stunning cacti and other succulents. Explore the area on foot using the walking trails and transport yourself to the other side of the world. It feels like you could be in Mexico. The 12 acre garden is a perfect place to take a family walk, and any adults will adore the setting. If you’re looking for a place to get some new family photos taken, make sure you bring your camera because it’s completely picturesque. Kids are also offered a game on arrival, consisting of a clipboard with photos of cacti. The aim is for kids to tick off the pictures as they go. After a morning of fun, you will be pleased to hear that there’s an onsite cafe – and it’s no ordinary cafe. Find icy cold Mexican beer as well as cactus cake and cactus ice cream here!

Billabong Ranch Adventure Park

This oasis of outdoor activity near Shepparton is another excellent place to take kids. Plenty of outdoor as well as some indoor activities will entertain the whole family. Choose from horse riding, mini-golf, bouldering, a playground, an animal nursery, table tennis, outdoor bowling, archery, bungee trampolines and much more. Families could spend more than a day here. An onsite cafe also offers the parents some gorgeous local wines and craft beers to enjoy whilst the kids enjoy paddle boats or a pony ride. 

Moooving Art

For a more relaxing option, Mooving Art is an excellent choice when it comes to things to do in Shepparton with kids. To summarise the concept, Moooving Art involves life-size cow structures, uniquely painted and decorated, spread across the town for the public to enjoy. It may sound a little unique, and you’d be right, however the town-wide exhibition has brought a great deal of attention to Shepparton over the years. Found in public gardens, playgrounds and many other places in Shepparton, you might enjoy taking a leisurely walk during your weekend getaway and discovering the spectacles. There are over 90 cows in the herd all decorated differently, so why not make a bit of an adventure out of Moooving Art, and explore the town on foot whilst trying to find the creatures!

Book your trip to Shepparton

Only two hours from Melbourne, Shepparton is a countryside town perfectly situated for a getaway from the city. When it comes to regional towns, this one is well and truly packed with things to do. Pop by for a weekend, stay for a night and make the most of a wholesome family getaway destination.

Pic credit: Wyndhamere Hotel

When it comes to hotels in Shepparton, the Wyndhamere Motel is a pretty good bet. Modern, comfortable and very spacious, this is a hotel perfect for families. An outdoor swimming pool means that there yet another activity for the family, and an on site Angus&Co restaurant keeps makes it easy and support convenient to choose a restaurant.

Pic credit: Wyndhamere Hotel

Interested in a stay at the Wyndhamere Motel? Click here to find out more. 

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