Pick from these 7 beautiful walks in Adelaide

Just like most cities, exploring Adelaide and its surroundings is best done on foot. Yet unlike other cities, Adelaide’s walking potential is truly diverse. Known as the ‘twenty minute city’, Adelaide offers beachside strolls, hilly hikes and historic city tours all in its vicinity. There are enough walks in Adelaide to last a lifetime.

Same magnificent scenes, fresh new ideas

Adelaide was made for walking. We all know the Waterfall Gully to Mount Lofty walk and mostly, we love it. Panoramic views to die for at the summit reward keen walkers, and views like that don’t get boring quickly. But what if you prefer to go about your fitness routine in a less crowded spot? Or if you’ve summited Lofty so many times you can’t keep count? Perhaps you’re looking for new ideas? This article will remind Adelaidians and South Australians alike, that there’s more to walks in Adelaide than the Water Gully to Mount Lofty trail. Let’s begin.

Pic credit: Mount Lofty Summit / South Australian Tourism Commission

Crafers to Mount Lofty Link Trail

Admittedly, this one is a Mount Lofty walk. However, we think its worth a mention. Cleland Conservation Park’s fire trails and some fairly recently created walking trails offer excellent alternatives to the Water Gully to Mount Lofty walk. The Crafers to Mount Lofty Link Trail is 4.5 kilometres long and takes almost the same time as the famous alternative. Expect less steep terrain and more smooth, undulating paths. In fact, the walk only gains 140 metres elevation in comparison to 400. Starting in quaint Crafers, and heading through the thick eucalyptus forests of Cleland Conservation Park, follow colour-coded trail markers here to reach the Lofty summit.

Pic credit: Josie Withers

Marion Coastal Walk

Heading to the coast for this one, we also highly recommend Marion Coastal Walk. Boardwalks, steps and pathways that trace the coastline here trail walkers along rugged cliffs and next to the turquoise sea. You’ll find yourself following the cliff’s edge and then swiftly decending into gullies and back up to cliffs again, making this great for those wanting to raise their heart rates a little. Starting at Marino Esplanade, Marion Coastal Walk is actually one long walk consisting of five short ones. A 7.2 kilometre walk all the way to Hallett Cove is highly recommended and offers a good workout. As you walk (and climb stairs), see the ancient coastline unfold and if you end up going all the way, marvel at the conical shaped Sugar Loaf as well as the spectacular Amphitheatre at Hallett Cove.

Pic credit: Adelaide / South Australian Tourism Commission

The River Torrens Linear Trail

The well-known River Torrens Linear Trail is one that most people have walked, cycled or ran along at some point. The decked out facilities here including children’s playgrounds, water refilling stations, electric barbecues and picnic areas make it ideal for families. What’s more, whilst you might feel as though you’re in the middle of the countryside, this trail is conveniently sat within Adelaide suburbs the whole way. From the Adelaide Hills to Henley Beach, the River Torrens Linear Trail is a 30 kilometres long oasis in the suburbs. Eucalyptus trees here are home to multiple koalas and endless birds. If you’ve mostly walked stretches of this path by the sea, why not head to the other side where the path becomes undulating and offers wonderful views of the green hills in the background. Otherwise, head to North Adelaide and start your walk there.

Pic credit: Belair National Park / Ben Stevens

Waterfall Hike

Belair National Park is another spot perfect for walking in Adelaide. Diverse scenes of ponds, forests and hills make for a great variety of walking options. Waterfall Hike, 6.5 kilometres in length, takes walkers past two Belair waterfalls; the upper and lower. During winter and months of high rainfall, the falls are quite impressive and the walk becomes even more majestic. At times, this hike can be a little challenging, especially at Echo Tunnel where gorgeous rock formations and escarpments make for steep sections. Sensational views at the top are certainly worth the walk here.

Kangaroo at Cleland Conservation Park

Sugarloaf Circuit

Perhaps one of the more underrated walks in Adelaide, the Sugarloaf Circuit is a fairly easy and very beautiful 5.8 kilometre walk throughout which kangaroos and koalas are prevalent. Parking on Waterfall Gully Road and following Chambers Gully Track, walkers should follow signs to Long Ridge Lookout to discover sensational views across the city to Glenelg. Winding down the hill, walkers will inevitably find lots of kangaroos hidden amongst the grass. If you enjoy a sunset view over the city, this might just be your new favourite walk.

Pic credit: St Peter’s Cathedral / South Australian Tourism Commission

Folks On The Hill Walk

A little different to the other walks in this list, Folks On The Hill Walk is a self-guided city tour through North Adelaide. Approximately 1.8 kilometres in length, the walk will guide you thought historic, leafy North Adelaide, teaching you about the history and heritage of the buildings. On a clear day, Light’s Vision lookout on Montefiore Hill boasts views of the city and parklands as well as Adelaide Hills. Keep your eyes out for blue plaques on the way which teach you a thing or two about the city.

Pic credit: Morialta Conservation Park / South Australian Tourism Commission

Three Falls Grand Walk

Morialta Conservation Park is popular, and unsurprisingly so. Walks here are some of the most stunning in Adelaide. The steep cliffs, winding walks and thick gum forests packed with wildlife are certainly beautiful. This is an Adelaide spot which will take your breath away every time. Multiple paths start here from the car park, however the Three Falls Grand Walk is our favourite. 7.4 kilometres in distance, the walk is somewhat steep, but clifftop views overlooking waterfalls and dense forests are totally worth it. Walkers should allow three or four hours to complete the walk, which takes you right back to the carpark once completed.

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