5 reasons the Barossa Valley is one of the best places to visit in South Australia in 2020

With the current coronavirus situation looking increasingly promising each day in South Australia, it is tempting to begin browsing the internet for getaway inspiration, even just for a weekend escape. The thought of packing an overnight bag, stepping out the house and driving away from the city has never felt so liberating. The thought of sipping on a Shiraz in a cosy, bustling tasting room – never so appealing. After a difficult start in 2020, keeping it simple fits the bill. That’s exactly why a wholesome weekend in the exquisite Barossa Valley is going to hit the spot. We aren’t quite there yet, but when we are, here’s why the Barossa Valley is the perfect choice:


Barossa valley wineries

Pic credit: southaustralia.com / Sam Kroepsch 

1. It’s close, but not too close.

This beautiful and most famous wine region of South Australia is around 60 kilometres Northeast of the city. To get from Adelaide to Barossa Valley takes less than an hour by car. Resultantly, this means less time travelling and more time outdoors (and in tasting rooms). What’s more, when the furthest we have been travelling is to the nearby park for a lunchtime jog, or to the cafe down the road for a coffee run, a trip north feels pretty exciting. Once you’ve arrived and you find yourself amongst the abundant greenery and peaceful surroundings, you’ll immediately feel like you’re on holiday.

Barossa valley wine

Pic credit: southaustralia.com / John Montesi

2.  There are endless Barossa Valley Wineries.

With around 80 cellar doors to visit, some of which are home to the most awarded wines in the world, you will be spoilt for choice in the Barossa. It’s certainly worth visiting some of the most famous wineries, such as Jacob’s Creek, Peter Lehman, Seppelt and Yalumba. However, smaller wineries offer rustic, intimate experiences. Meet winemakers, chat with local staff and proud locals and pick up a few bottles of your favourites from the day. Visiting Barossa Valley wineries is the perfect way to experience the region and to get some much needed social interaction.

Restaurants in Barossa valley

Pic credit: southaustralia.com / The Louise

3. It’s the food paradise of South Australia.

Not only are there many restaurants to choose from, but the emphasis on local South Australian produce is outstanding. If you’re a foodie, you can literally feast your way around the Barossa Valley. Dig into a sumptuous meal sourced with local produce at an award-winning restaurant. Alternatively, simply opt for a cheese board and nibble on some hand-crafted local cheese, smoked meats and homemade traditional German breads. There’s no better place to celebrate the eventual re-opening of restaurants, than surrounded by undulating hills blanketed in the oldest vines in the world.


Things to do in the Barossa valley

Pic credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

4. There’s no shortage of things to do in the Barossa Valley.

Whilst popular for its ability to wine and dine visitors, there are a great deal of other things to do in the Barossa Valley. Comprised of a collection of charming towns all steeped with a European essence, the Barossa Valley also offers visitors a whole load of culture. An abundance of heritage buildings, boutique and craft shops, cafes and art galleries are all there and ready to be explored. It’s the ideal place to make up for all the ‘non-essential businesses’ you’ve been missing. Take the kids on a scenic drive, bike trail, or hike through a nearby conservation park to get some much needed fresh air and exercise.

Accommodation in Barossa

Pic credit: Barossa Weintal

5. It’s a familiar, reliable getaway destination.

If you live in South Australia, you’ve probably visited the Barossa before. You know what you’re in for; good food, delectable wines and idyllic landscapes to name a few. Although you could potentially plan a day trip to the Barossa Valley, it’s likely you’re going to be making the most of the wineries and sipping on some Barossa Valley Shiraz. Plus, the excitement of spoiling yourself to a tranquil night in a hotel is certainly heightened in 2020. If a visit to the Barossa is on the cards, the Barossa Weintal might be the very place to treat yourself. Located in Tanunda – the heart and soul of the wine region – the hotel is situated in an unbeatable, picturesque location. Grab yourself a Spa Studio and take a dip in the outdoor pool to truly treat yourself to the night away you deserve.


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