7 Berri attractions to visit during your getaway

Berri is a small town, granted, but its real selling point is that it’s in the real heart of the Riverland. With a scattering of quaint Riverland towns found in all directions, wineries sprinkled across the region and plenty of water for summer fun, this part of the Riverland is where it’s at. Read on to find a list of Berri attractions, as well as things to do and see in the surrounding region. Let’s pack your SA Weekend Escape to the Riverland full of joy!

banrock station lunch platter near berri

Pic credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

Berri Attractions

1. Nearby Berri wineries

If you already follow us and our content, you’ll already know that we’ve shared information about the best wineries in the Riverland. Naturally, this feature and enticing attraction is one of the highlights of the region, and certainly one of our favourites when we’re staying for a weekend.

Close to Berri itself, a number of top-notch wineries make for an absolutely unbeatable wine tasting trip. Forget the Barossa for the moment! 919 Wines is a gorgeous spot complemented by bright green lawns and Riverland sunshine. With a focus on organic, high-quality products, you’re bound to experience something different here. Equally, Salena Estate is a family-owned winery focused on premium and organic wines. Their minimal intervention methods make sure that wine comes to you in its natural state. 30 minutes from Berri, Banrock Station with its wetland conservation area, lovely walks, delicious lunches and wine-tasting makes for a Riverland winery with a difference.

For more information regarding wineries near Berri, browse our article about wineries in the Riverland.

2. Berri’s famous Monash Adventure Park

Taking the kids to Berri for the weekend is a winning decision. Monash Adventure Park is one of the reasons kids love it here. The family-friendly adventure park has a range of equipment for all ages, including a maze, lawns, BBQ facilities, a disabled playground, a playground for both youth and juniors, and much more. Of all the Berri attractions for kids, this might be the most impressive, but it’s certainly not the only one.

Lake Bonney with swimmers jumping in

Pic credit: South Australian Tourism Commission/Adam Bruzzone

3. Lake Bonney

Fed and drained by the River Murray, Lake Bonney is another attraction near Berri that kids will love, but parents will adore for its calming atmosphere. The body of water is ideal for swimming and has a sandy bottom, making it child-friendly. Other than being ideal for swimming and walking, the lake can also be used for Zorbing! At Bluebird Cafe, hire a zorbing ball and walk on water. Lake Bonney offers visitors to Berri but also the Riverland more widely, an excellent morning, afternoon or even day out.

4. The Berri water tower

Iconic to Berri is its water tower found near its centre. Around 100 years old, the tower elevates visitors up high enough to grasp great views of the river in the distance. The ideal time to visit is at sunset when the colours of the landscape are overwhelmingly orange.

5. Possum Parade

This attraction might be one you don’t know about. In Renmark many years ago it became widely known that possums were uniquely tame. However, not receiving a huge number of visitors, the fact remained nothing more than that. Moving forwards, and as tourism became better established in the Riverland, visitors picked up on the phenomenon. Today, Possum Parade is a place visitors go to feed possums (it’s even mentioned in guide books!). If you’re not keen to hang out with the possums here, the Renmark riverfront might still be of interest to you, with its perfectly green grass, riverside views and wharf.

riverland and berri views of the river

Murray River / Pic credit: Ben Goode

6. The outdoors

Some of the best Berri attractions are of course the river, the nearby national parks and in general the unique scenery. Just to grasp some wonderfully orange river top views, guests can head to Heaven Clifftop Viewpoint and absorb one of the most beautiful, quintessential Riverland views there is. Yet, from Berri and all across the Riverland region, endless walking trails are available for keen hikers who are looking to explore the area in more depth. The wonderful Murray River National Park is a great place to start, and offers beautiful hikes.

7. Berri restaurants

Although it’s not known for its restaurants, more recently Berri has been blessed with a few great spots for wining and dining. One of these can certainly be considered a ‘Berri attraction’. The Mallee Fowl Restaurant, is a themed restaurant found within eleven acres of bushland. Designed to resemble an early settlement dwelling, this Berri restaurant serves Australian cuisine and offers a real local vibe. It’s become a real iconic spot in recent years and provides a unique experience.

For glimpse of some other great spots to eat and drink, find our recent article which explores some breweries and distilleries amongst other businesses, that will blow you away with their quality and dedication to all things Riverland.

distillery in remark

Pic credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

SA Weekend Escape’s top hotel pick!

Big River Golf and Country Club

For an SA Weekend Escape in the Riverland that will see you wined, dined, relaxed and just generally catered for, Big River Golf and Country Club is an excellent choice. Recently renovated and award-winning, the hotel is sat on a golf course, making it spacious and lush with laws and palm trees. A pool with plenty of space for lounging is ideal for families and those seeking a weekend of tranquility.

berri big river swimming pool

Pic credit: Big River Golf and Country Club

Perhaps one of the best features of Big River Golf and Country Club is its newly renovated Tavern, featuring a balcony and views of the golf course, tasty food, a great drinks menu and well-stocked bar, and modern interiors that make you feel spoiled. The Tavern was designed by award-winning Studio 9 Architects.

For more information, or to book a room at Big River Golf and Country Club, please click here.

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