5 upcoming events in Adelaide to add to your calendar

If there’s a time to appreciate events, it’s now.

We’re so fortunate in South Australia. For millions of people across the globe, the idea of attending a festival – or even a small event – is completely off the cards this year. Our neighbours in Melbourne have missed a plethora of events in 2020, with the light at the end of the tunnel only just in sight.

If you don’t typically take advantage of Adelaide’s dazzling festival and events scene, 2020 should absolutely be the year. Take advantage of what’s on offer; there’s so much going on this spring across the city! Spend a day sampling tasty vegan treats, attending to live talks and cooking lessons. Learn about Aboriginal art and take the time to attend talks, workshops and performances.

To top it off: what with travel vouchers being handed out for city stays this summer, you can plan a trip to the city at less than half the price. Scroll to the end of this blog to find out more.

Support the arts and culture of South Australia by attending one of the many events in Adelaide this spring and summer.

Explore this list of five upcoming events in Adelaide and take your pick!

1. Adelaide film festival 

14th October – 25th October 

You may have seen the posters or people in the streets handing out brightly coloured programs recently. In a nutshell, Adelaide film festival presents twelve days of bold and inspiring stories on screen. Unique screenings and other film-related events will be hosted across Adelaide, celebrating and exploring contemporary Australian screen culture as well as that from all over the world. In 2018, 64,000 people joined in the film festivities, with 147 films in total screened. 

Get your hands on an AFF Pass to make the most of the film festival. Choose from a 3 Film MultiPass, to a 10 Film MultiPass, or alternatively opt for a Gold or Platinum Pass for access to just about everything you could want. If you’d prefer to browse in person and have a chat about the options, head to the AFF Box Office at 253 Rundle Street.

Finally, how can you find out what’s on? Click here for the program.

2. OzAsia Festival (held online in 2020)

20th October – 3rd November

Spring time in Adelaide seems to be all about celebrating culture and the arts, what with OzAsia Festival taking to the stage this October. Australia’s leading contemporary Asian arts festival typically presents an exciting line-up of performances, talks, film, visual arts, music, dance and much more. Held across a three week period, OzAsia Festival celebrates Cambodian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Iranian, Singaporean, Malaysian, Syrian cultures and showcases the arts and traditions from endless other Asian countries.

Unfortunately due to Covid, this year a series of talks held online will take place of the regular OzAsia Festival. Talks covering topics such as storytelling, poetry and the coronavirus crisis can all be attended online, plus you can still celebrate the Moon Lantern Parade with OzAsia’s online lantern making workshop!

3. Tarnanthi 2020

15th October – 31st January 

Pic credit: SATC

The annual celebration of contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art – Tarnanthi – is held at the Art Gallery of South Australia. Shining a bright light on contemporary works, the celebration showcases the complexity ad ingenuity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art. Tarnanthi this year will focus on senior women and the passing on of cultural knowledge to younger generations. 

Spreading from October to January, the AGSA will hold an array of events including tours, performances, talks, activities and various creative programs. Moreover, in December, Tarnanthi Art Fair from the 4th – 6th December will showcase art for sale created by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists across the country.

To start this ongoing festival of all things artistic, a virtual launch will be held on the 15th October and will involve talks from Tarnanthi artists across the country. 

4. Gather & Graze

7th November – 8th November

For those with a penchant for cheese and wine, this festival might be the one for you. Live cooking demonstrations, chef stalls and delicious produce await you at this event filled with all things delicious. 

Due to current Covid restrictions in South Australia, the festival – previously CheesFest + FERMENT – has been scaled down somewhat this year. In 2020, altering the traditions of CheesFest + FERMENT, you can now expect to find a scaled down festival filled with live music, artwork, local cheese, tempting beverages and plenty of fermented foods. 

Grab yourself a ticket for either the 7th or 8th of November and sample the best produce that South Australia has to offer. 

5. Vegan festival Adelaide 

31st October – 1st November

Celebrate the growth and innovation associated with veganism at The Vegan Festival Adelaide this year and frolic in the presence of the vegan community. Grab some guilt-free donuts and cakes, attend live talks and music, visit market stalls, chat to animal rights groups and enjoy cooking demonstrations and workshops. 

This exciting celebration in the heart of the city hopes to inform visitors about the vegan lifestyle, educate on the topic of health and wellbeing, support those taking steps to become vegan, and showcase the broad scope of vegan cooking and products. Vegan or not, you’ll find something interesting here, and a range of kids activities make The Vegan Festival Adelaide a fun family day out.

Due to Covid, a number of events will also be held online, making the festival half virtual and half in real life.

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