6 things to do in Murray Bridge with kids

Are you planning a family trip to Murray Bridge? Look no further! In this article, we will explore seven things to do in Murray Bridge with kids. From thrilling adventures to educational experiences, Murray Bridge has something for every age group. Discover the wonders of the Monarto Safari Park, take a cruise along the Murray River, or explore the Murray Bridge Regional Gallery. Get ready for a fun-filled family getaway in Murray Bridge, where unforgettable memories are waiting to be made!

Pic credit: John Montesi

A Murray Bridge weekend with the kids

Just an hour outside of Adelaide, Murray Bridge has always been a family favourite for weekend getaways. What with its riverside location, abundant nature, history, restaurants and convenient location, there’s no wonder people flock here each year for their SA Weekend Escapes.

Today – Murray Bridge with its new cultural precinct, golf course, water-sports, nearby wineries, and much more – is a haven for those seeking a quick getaway. But when you visit Murray Bridge for the weekend with the kids, what activities are there which suit the whole family? In short, there are heaps of sites to see and things to do with the smaller members of your family.

In this article, we highlight seven of the best things to do that are perfect for both children and adults. From thrilling adventures to educational experiences, Murray Bridge offers a range of options to keep the whole family entertained.

Things to do in Murray Bridge with kids

1. Visit Captain’s Cottage Museum

Captain’s Cottage Museum is a great place to start when exploring the Murray Bridge area with kids. Capture a brief history of Murray Bridge during your visit, by exploring the extensive collections of historic engines, farm machinery, photographs, train and toys at the Captain’s Cottage Museum. The cottage was actually built in 1890 by Captain Adam Johnstone for his wife and nine children. At this sweet museum, you’ll experience what life was like all that time ago. Read stories of pioneering life and learn about the paddle steamers of the Murray. This is a great way to teach the kids a thing or two during an SA Weekend Escape to Murray Bridge.

Pic credit: John Montesi

2. Learn about the Murray Bridge Bunyip

To the Ngarrindjeri people, the Bunyip in Murray River is known as the Mulyawonk. Head down to the river during your stay and teach the children a little about local Aboriginal histories and a local Dreaming story. The Mulyawonk – as it is known – teaches people about the dangers of catching too many fish. Ngarrindjeri Mulyawonk Dreaming in part says:

“In times long ago there lived a Ngarrindjeri Ko:ni (man) who was greedy catching far too many fish than he needed.
The Elders were not happy with this selfish man who did not respect the Ngarrindjeri laws of fishing.
The Elders were so angry with this man that as a punishment they turned him into the Mulyawonk – a half fish, half man creature and banishing him to the river forever.
Ngarrindjeri children are told never to swim alone or to take more fish than you can eat from the river and lakes.
If you do swim alone or are greedy in taking too many fish, then the Mulyawonk will get you.”

3. Try a section of the Lavender Federation Trail

The Lavender Federation Trail is a 325km walking trail which heads north from Murray Bridge, and later trailing through Clare Valley. The trail is stunningly beautiful in many parts, and offers hikers the amazing experience of exploring some of the best regions of SA. Having said all this, during your weekend escape, you won’t be doing this multi-week hike. What you can do however is start in Murray Bridge and explore the beginning of the trail. Try the first part of the trail which leads to Rocky Gully and get a taste of this iconic SA walking trail.

Pic credit: Zoos SA/ Adrian Mann

4. Spend a day at Monarto Safari Park

Monarto Safari Park is not only the largest safari park outside of Africa, but it’s home to many of Africa’s most impressive animals. Since Monarto is part of a conservation charity, you can also feel safe in the knowledge that the organisation works to save species from extinction. Explore the entirety of Monarto Safari Park by riding on the free Zu-loop bus. Feast your eyes on the large open-range exhibits and learn a little from the guides. When it comes to things to do in Murray Bridge with kids, this has to be a winner! Plus, if you’re feeling energetic, you’re also welcome to explore the 10km of walking tracks which weave around the exhibits. A number of animal experiences are also on offer for those looking to get a little closer.

5. Discover Old Tailem Town Pioneer Village

Established in 1982, Old Tailem Town is Australia’s greatest pioneer village. The historic town was created by Peter Squires, who had a vision to establish the educational and authentic pioneer village. He started out with the motivation that history should be preserved for the public to enjoy and that children should sometimes step out of their modern day lives and learn how people lived before. Visit for a day, enjoy a coffee or tea and wander around the village. Some of the buildings here are over a hundred years old.

Pic credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

6. Relax at Sturt Reserve

Undoubtedly the most beautiful part of Murray Bridge, Sturt Reserve is a gorgeous outdoor area perfect for admiring nature and relaxing outdoors. Perched upon the Murray River, the reserve offers space for picnics, paths for strolling and wildlife for spotting. What’s more, a playground here will keep young kids busy for hours on end. The wonderful green scenery you get here makes it the perfect spot for a morning walk by the river and it’s the perfect place to tire out the kids!

7. Take a paddle boat cruise

The Captain Proud Paddle Boat offers a scenic cruise along the river in Murray Bridge. So, when visiting Murray Bridge with the family, why not hop aboard? The classic paddle wheeler boat offers an enjoyable and leisurely tour with an informative guide at the helm. Lasting for about 3 hours, you’ll get to explore the natural beauty of the Murray River and its see its sites. Some cruises may include a 2-course meal, allowing you to dine while enjoying the picturesque views.

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Other things to do in Murray Bridge

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