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Dotted with rock pools, surfing beaches and secluded coves, Wollongong is a real gem on the NSW coastline. Forests and rocky cliffs which encapsulate the city add a dramatic element to the scenery. Wollongong itself – populated with students – is buzzing all week.

Think of your favourite parts of Sydney, minus the crowds. The coastal town of Wollongong can be found south of the New South Wales capital, along the Grand Pacific Drive. The picturesque hub has some of the most wonderful beaches in New South Wales. Lively and spirited, the atmosphere of the town is infectious and the quirky cafes, lively bars and restaurants on offer will spoil you for choice.

Explore a bright and vibrant city lined with beautiful beaches; experience a Wollongong Weekend Escape.

Things to do in Wollongong

Your Ultimate Guide to Wollongong

Think of Wollongong as a city boasting the lively aspects of Sydney, but with fewer crowds. There’s never a dull moment here. Wollongong is also the proud host to lots of dazzling beaches and rocky hills in its hinterlands. Find rainforest in all directions. Whether you’re seeking a lively weekend getaway from Sydney with your partner, a hiking holiday or beach trip with the kids, a Wollongong getaway has more than enough to keep you busy for a long weekend.

To uncover more tips regarding things to do in Wollongong, check out our Ultimate Guide. This Ultimate Guide will help you craft your very own Wollongong Weekend Escape.



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Art & Culture

Dotted throughout Wollongong are some hidden cultural gems you would never expect to unearth. NanTien Temple, the largest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere, is found in Wollongong. Placed within a luscious and utterly serene setting, the temple is bursting with colour. In addition, Sri Venkateswara Temple is a Hindu temple placed on top of a hill and its intricate white construction is a stunning sight. It might not be India, but head out for a morning from your Wollongong accommodation and you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of some international culture in an Australian setting.

Another unexpected spectacle in Wollongong is the Helensburgh Tunnel, which is still one of the most famous things to see in Wollongong. Explore its haunting history during your visit. Constructed in the 1800’s, the tunnel is sandwiched between two sheer rock faces and hosts an abundance of glow worms.



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Nature & the Outdoors

A Wollongong getaway is also highly encouraged for those of us craving some fresh air and outdoor activities. Wollongong’s natural landscapes will keep you busy for a week, guaranteed. The very location and topography of the city, makes it spot on in terms of hiking, surfing and swimming. Turquoise ocean lined intermittently with rocks and sandy beaches naturally creates an excellent array of coves and beaches, both along the Wollongong coastline as well as just north and south of the city. Surfing is hugely popular here and a number of ocean pools attract swimmers all year round. Inland, swimming, kayaking and water-skiing is also possible at Lake Illawarra, a great big saltwater lake.

Steep, rocky hinterlands, as well as Minnamurra Rainforest ensure that hikers are more than catered for in Wollongong. Hike to waterfalls and up high to striking viewpoints to capture views of the horizon across the ocean. You might also be surprised to find a famous blowhole in Wollongong, which was formed by volcanic lava flows about 260 million years ago.

Food & Drink

Wollongong has a reputation for being spirited and a lot of fun, due to its large student population. Needless to say, there is no shortage of cafes, bars or restaurants, and certainly no lack of events or festivals. Find quirky cafes with bare brick walls and plenty of brunch spots serving up wholesome cafe fare in Wollongong. Beachside restaurants and cafes are scattered across the city and some high, making for excellent lunchtime views.

Don’t be put off but the young scene in Wollongong; you don’t want to miss a number of fabulous fine-dining restaurants in Wollongong. Stumble upon contemporary food spots, serving up anything from Indian to local Australian cuisine. Of course, plenty of pub food can be enjoyed at casual joints as well, catering for the student scene. Slicing through the centre of the city, a street home to endless bars and dining spots will take care of all your food and drink needs during your Wollongong getaway.

Where to stay in Wollongong

Mantra Wollongong

Mantra Wollongong is located centrally; surrounded by shops, the Wollongong Botanic Gardens and and other Wollongong attractions. With rooms as well as apartments on offer, the hotel offers everything you could want from a hotel. Balconies with spectacular views and clean rooms with crisp furnishings make this option absolutely perfect for long weekends.

Ultimate guide to Wollongong

Your Ultimate Guide to Wollongong

Your Ultimate Guide to Wollongong

Wollongong in a nutshell  The coastal town of Wollongong can be found south of Sydney, along the Grand Pacific Drive. Dotted with rock pools, surfing beaches and secluded coves and surrounded by forests and rocky cliffs, Wollongong is a real gem on the NSW coastline. This picturesque hub south of

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