7 things to do in the Riverland with kids

Weekends in the Riverland involve relaxation, local wines, craft beers, pub lunches, water sports, barbecues and more. It’s a relaxing haven for adults, that’s for sure. But when it comes to things to do in the Riverland with kids, what is there on offer? From playgrounds to museums, swimming to lakeside picnics, in this article we share seven things you can do in the Riverland with kids during your next trip.

Things to do in the Riverland with kids

Embark on an unforgettable family adventure in the Riverland this year. Here in the heart of quintessential South Australia, endless possibilities await to captivate both young and old. Sprinkled with an array of activities that will delight and entertain kids of all ages, this is a place where everyone finds something to do.

From exploring wildlife-filled wetlands and cruising along the mighty Murray River, to indulging in delicious local produce and embarking on thrilling water sports, the Riverland is a playground for family fun. In this short article, we share the best things to do in the Riverland with kids, so that during your next trip to the Murray, you get to discover something new as a family.

Pic credit: South Australian Tourism Commission/James Knowler

1. Explore Monash Adventure Playground

Take the children to Monash Adventure Playground and you won’t be able to drag them away. This spot is fun for all ages. In this vast expanse where kids’ dreams come true, find a giant maze, crazy leaning towers, flying foxes, gigantic swings, rope bridge and tree house (to name a few). Monash Adventure Playground has plenty of space for adults to hang out on the lawns and watch over their children. Bringing a picnic or having a BBQ is highly advised, because you can spend more than just an hour here.

Pic credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

2. Drop by Historic Loxton

Those looking for a more educational weekend away at the river will be pleased to find a historic village in Loxton. Step back in time and show the kids how people used to live before the invention of TV, computers, iPads, air conditioning and all our other luxuries! Learn about the many stories of early settlers here and explore the village across the afternoon – which has over 45 old-time buildings and exhibits. One of the fun things here is that you can interact with the townspeople along the way.

Pic credit: Adelaide City Kayak Tour / South Australian Tourism Commission

3. Canoe or kayak along the Murray River

Make the most of your trip to the Murray River and get onto the water. In winter, the water is a little chilly and so grabbing a kayak might be your best bet at this time of year. Hire a kayak or canoe from Canoe Adventures Riverland and embark on your own explorations down the meandering Murray. Glide past orange cliffs and spot wildlife on the way. The kids will love this nature-immersive activity! Canoe Adventures also offers relaxed yet informative guided tours, so if you’re looking for a bit more, book yourself in. No previous experience is necessary for this fun Riverland activity, and it will be fun for not only the kids but for you too.

Pic credit: John Montesi

4. Experience the Riverland wildlife

Whether in a kayak, or just hiking through one of the many National Parks in the Riverland, you’ll find endless wildlife. There are three separate areas of protected, beautiful spots, comprising of over 13,000 hectares, including wetlands and floodplains; Katarapko, Lyrup Flats and Bulyong Island. Bring your binoculars and explore the riverbanks, spotting native birds and all sorts of wildlife. If you happen to be close to Renmark, you might also want to head over to Possum Parade for a slightly obscure adventure! Possums here have become so tame, that you can get up close and personal with them. This is certainly something unique for the kids to experience during your Weekend Escape.

Pic credit: South Australian Tourism Commission/Adam Bruzzone

5. Swim at Lake Bonney

In the summer months, a swim at Lake Bonney is an awesome family day out. Walk around the water’s edge and take a dip when it gets bit hot. Bring a picnic or have a barbecue and make a day of it. Lake Bonney  is a freshwater lake and its sandy floor makes it super safe and comfortable for the kids. The lake is fed and drained by the River Murray. Barmera, found on its shore, is also a good place to grab a coffee or take a little walk. Of particular note, you might like to get the kids Zorbing! Click here for more info. Zorbing is for the kids, but it can be for you too!

6. Explore Banrock Station and Wetland Centre

Embark on a captivating journey through the picturesque landscapes of Banrock Station in the Riverland. This renowned destination offers a variety of scenic walks that showcase the region’s natural beauty. Explore the Wetland Loop Walk, where you can meander through lush wetlands teeming with birdlife and immerse yourself in the serene surroundings. For a longer adventure, the Vineyard Walk takes you through rows of vibrant vines, providing a glimpse into the winemaking process.

7. Head to Waikerie Water & Nature Play Park

Situated on the scenic riverfront of Waikerie, the Waikerie Water and Nature Play Park is an absolute must-visit for families seeking a harmonious blend of nature play, water features, and traditional playground equipment. This enchanting park boasts an impressive array of attractions, including a towering six-meter-high teepee, an exhilarating 40-meter double flying fox, and six captivating water play areas. Additionally, children can test their climbing skills on a challenging wall, enjoy a wheelchair-friendly merry-go-round, and discover numerous other delights. With so much to offer, this playground is an irresistible destination for endless fun and excitement.

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More things to do in the Riverland with kids

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