5 Adelaide cafes made for lazy summer mornings

Summer mornings done right.

Summer in Adelaide is about slowly wandering the streets. It’s about strolling around the central market and picking up some treats, walking around the botanic gardens and dropping into boutique stores. It can also mean a trip to the art gallery, a walk along the river or even a round of pitch and putt.

However none of these summer activities are complete without an alfresco coffee. During the summer months, weekend mornings in Adelaide are perfectly suited to a chat over a barista-made delight, down a laneway or sat under a parasol on the pavement of a bustling side street. Melbourne might be known for its cultural cafes and cosy coffee shops, but we think Adelaide is catching up – big time. Let’s face it, Adelaide’s food and drink scene is becoming kind of trendy, and we don’t mind one bit.

If you live a little outside of the city, allocate a weekend of leisurely strolling, urban exploration and cafe hopping this summer and rediscover Adelaide’s irresistible charm. Below, we name five seductive cafes with winning charm and outdoor seating, simply made for your next summer trip to the city. To top if off, at the end find a handpicked hotel and its bed and breakfast offer to suit your urban getaway.

Pic credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

1. La Moka

An absolute Adelaide classic, there’s no wonder La Moka makes it to the top of our list. Found tucked between the lofty sides of a quaint laneway called Peel Street, this cafe is small yet bursting with character and friendliness. A mezzanine level looks down over the cafe floor and creates a cosy cave within which to relax during the winter months. Meanwhile outdoor seating is perfectly shaded during the hotter summer mornings due to the tall buildings on each side of the laneway. Coffee here is top notch and the drinks menu doesn’t stop there. A selection of treats at the counter will also never fail to at least tempt you. When it comes to Adelaide cafes, this is a ‘must-visit’.

Pic credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

2. Penny University 

Also an iconic Adelaide cafe, Penny University is situated in the trendy east side of Adelaide and often has a line out the door in the morning (always a great sign). At Penny University, expect a chat with the staff, some delicious breakfast food and even better coffee. What is great about this Adelaide cafe is the outdoor seating area. Granted, the tables and chairs are only perched on the pavement, but this part of Adelaide is bustling in the mornings and gives you a real taste of vibrant city life. Close to the ‘hipster’ Ebenezer Place, its old buildings and boutique shops, Penny University is a great place to spend a Saturday morning.

Pic credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

3. Hey Jupiter

This standout cafe, also in the east end of Adelaide, is as close to Europe as you’ll get in South Australia. Bright green tiles paired with an essence of all things vintage give this place a real special feeling. Found on Ebenezer Place, the small town vibes and intimate feel of your surroundings here make you feel as though you’re down a backstreet in Paris or somewhere in Italy. Sit outside and huddle around a small round table as watch the world go by. A selection of gorgeous treats and excellent drinks will have you staying for hours. If you’re keen to stay even longer, choose from many delectable lunch options and share a bottle of cold white wine alfresco style.

4. Sibling Cafe

Small, minimalistic and tasteful to a tee, Sibling Cafe does what it says on the tin, and it does it well. Serving up excellent coffee, hot drinks and much more, this wonderful spot offers visitors a very hospitable cafe experience. Limited but very summery ¬†outdoor seating, featuring bedded plants make you feel as though you’re in the trendiest of neighbourhoods in Stockholm in August. If what you’re looking for from Adelaide cafes is great quality, choose Sibling Cafe. Don’t leave without picking out something sweet yet wholesome from the cabinet and spend time people-watching from the pavement.

Pic credit: Lewis Potter

5. Laneway Espresso House

Recently doubling in size, Laneway Espresso House is a friendly Adelaide cafe amongst the favourites of locals. Tasty snacks including vegan and gluten-free options, hearty breakfasts and a stunning drinks menu makes for some difficult decision making. The interiors here are simple and neat, and the comfortable seating makes you want to stay all morning. Found in a trendy laneway lined with pubs, cafes and shops, sitting outdoors here sees you amongst the vibrant spirit of Adelaide on a weekday or weekend morning.

Make a weekend of it

Hanging out in Adelaide is too easy and time simply flies by. Decide to make a weekend of your trip to the South Australian capital and get the full urban experience. The Adelaide Royal Coach – situated less than fifteen minutes on foot from the city centre is a great place to stay. Right next to the iconic green park which encapsulates the CBD, Adelaide Royal Coach is as close to the hustle and bustle as you can get, without actually being inside it. And what’s great about choosing a hotel just outside of the CBD? There’s space for an indoor pool and sauna!

Opt for the bed and breakfast option at Adelaide Royal Coach and have a continental breakfast delivered to your room in the morning as part of the deal. Clean, crisp, modern rooms and up to date facilities ensure that your stay offers everything you’d need. Also, considering that you’re likely to spend the weekend exploring the city on foot, you might also like to know that an Angus&Co. restaurant found on the ground floor of the hotel means that a delicious meal can be enjoyed in the very place you stay.

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