Reasons to visit the Riverland in 2023 (and where to go)

The Riverland as we know it has been different in recent months. With rising river levels providing an opportunity for some incredible natural sites, the region has become an even more interesting place to visit since the end of 2022. But now that the Murray River is returning to its regular state, we want to remind potential visitors that it’s a great time to plan a visit and support local businesses. In this article, we remind you what the Riverland has to offer and persuade you to visit in 2023!

River Murray

Pic credit: SATC

The Riverland region in 2023

From wineries to breweries, distilleries, beautiful landscapes, restaurants, cafes and more, the Riverland has so much to share with South Australians and those from across the world. With some businesses truly missing out as a result of the floods this summer, we want to remind you about all the great things to do in the Riverland, and hopefully persuade you to visit.

Over the years, the Riverland has gained some truly wonderful hospitality and tourism businesses. From adventures to epicurean indulgences, guests are truly spoiled during a Weekend Escape to the Riverland.

Reasons to visit the Riverland this year

Spending money in the Riverland region is more important than ever. So let us tempt you to visit the Riverland region in 2023 and let’s do our part to get the Riverland’s businesses back on their feet!

1. They have some really great restaurants

From local taverns to casual bistros and winery restaurants, the Riverland is blooming with great food and drink venues. Since the region grows a whole lot of food and wine, local produce is the name of the game here; and it makes everything that little bit more interesting! Visitors can also enjoy local craft beer and cider, as well as a range of unique local spirits alongside their meals. With its stunning scenery, delicious food, and excellent drinks, the Riverland is the perfect destination for a food and drink themed escape!

Here are a few of our favourite spots:

Pic credit: SATC/Banrock Station

2. There are heaps of good wineries

We all know by now that the Riverland has some incredible wineries. In fact, it is the heaviest grape and wine producing region in the state. Visitors to the area can visit a variety of excellent wineries in the year 2023, each with its own unique style and flavour. What’s great about a wine trip to the Riverland, is that many wineries are small, family-owned businesses, giving visitors a real authentic feel for the region. In addition, the wineries offer a range of different wines, from sparkling varieties to full-bodied reds.

Here are some our favourite wineries:

3. It’s a place to get adventurous

The Riverland screams adventure. From its meandering river, its orange banks and incredible wildlife, the the region offers a taste of Outback Australia only a short drive from Adelaide. Of course, the best way to explore the Riverland region is by boat. Whether you choose a kayak, canoe or a houseboat, you can’t go wrong. Otherwise, you’ll also find some excellent walking trails here, which offer great immersion in nature and provide sightings of all the wonderful native flora and fauna.

Here are some of our favourite ways to explore:

4. Breweries and distilleries await

Breweries and distilleries set amongst river views and rural Riverland townships – what could be better? We all know that there’s a lot of wine in the Riverland. But in recent years the Riverland has bloomed some wonderful new venues for brews and spirits, making it an up and coming beverage destination.

Here are some of our favourite places to taste:

5. Top-notch hotels guaranteed

The Riverland is blessed with some great hotels and accommodation.

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Big River Golf & Country Club

Set in the heart of Berri, only minutes from the river, Big River Golf & Country Club is a friendly hotel featuring an outdoor pool, stunning golf course and award-winning tavern restaurant. Undergoing a refurbishment in recent years, the hotel has been transformed and now offers a modern vibe. Comfortable hotel rooms are spacious and surrounded by greenery. Highlights here include cold beers overlooking the golf course!

Big river golf and country club

Pic credit: Big River Golf and Country Club

Berri Hotel

The Berri Hotel is a modern hotel located in the town of Berri in the Riverland. A recent renovation has added a handful of gorgeous new river view villas to the property, as well as a stylish resort pool. Besides these villas, Berri Hotel offers comfortable rooms of different configurations, whilst also catering to different budgets. The Berri Hotel is also home to a great riverside bistro and bar offering high-quality Australian classics, local beers and wine.