7 Riverland wineries to visit this summer

The Riverland region in South Australia is an underrated haven for wine enthusiasts from across the world. With its warm climate, fertile soils, and abundance of sunshine, the region produces wines that are truly exceptional. The vineyards along the banks of the Murray River yield an array of grape varieties, resulting in a diverse selection of wines with distinct flavours and characteristics. From rich and full-bodied reds to crisp and refreshing whites, the wines of the Riverland showcase the region’s terroir and winemaking expertise. In this article, we share some of the best Riverland wineries and why you should visit them this year.

The wine region you’re missing

If you are thinking of visiting some wineries in South Australia then what generally comes to mind is the well known and stunning Barossa Valley, amongst other Australian favourites. However, South Australia’s Riverland is fast becoming an equally appealing option with its new smaller boutique style wineries popping up amongst the large scale industrial producers. 

Riverland wineries often share some common passions; those being sustainability and the future of the soil and environment. In a beautiful region where nature is rich and wildlife abundant, this really matters.

What’s more, the river itself is very influential in the success story of wine production in this area. Providing a rich soil along with incredible diversity of fauna and flora, the grapes are given the perfect conditions for nurturing and growing. Plus, the climate is perfect for grape production with its long summer days, low rainfall and humidity – all allowing the grapes to ripen to their fullest.

7 world-class wineries in the Riverland

All in all, Riverland wineries and their wines are totally unique, unlike anywhere in the world. In the remainder of this article, we persuade you why a wine trip to this incredible region is a must, by outlining our very favourite Riverland wineries.

Banrock Station / Pic credit: South Australian Tourism Commission/Adam Bruzzone

Banrock Station

Beautiful Banrock Station is a Riverland winery situated next to the Murray River. Right in the heart of the Riverland, it uses some of the world’s greatest grape varieties to produce full-flavoured fruit driven wines.

The owners of Banrock Station have a passion for producing good wines but also a dedication to protecting the environment in the process. All are welcome to visit the cellar door and whilst there, experience their famous wetland centre and boardwalks. Enjoy spotting the many species of birds, emus and kangaroos whilst taking in the glorious views.

Banrock Station offers an amazing opportunity to experience the true nature of the Riverland and sample their wonderful wines and delicious locally sourced food. The owners believe that it is the preservation of the area’s natural beauty that makes their wines so unique!

St Agnes Distillery / Pic credit: St Agnes Distillery

Angove Organic Family Winemakers

This fifth generation family business is the Riverland’s oldest privately owned wine company in Australia. Establishing itself in 1910, it has become the leading organic grape grower in the country and has in recent years shown a deep commitment to sustainability since becoming certified as organic.

Their supply of around 19 different types of grapes comes from many vineyards in the McLaren Vale and the Riverland. Wine aficionados will be interested to learn that  in the 1960’s they were the first to produce value wines in a box. Why not visit The Angove Cellar Door in the heart of Renmark? Enjoy the stunning views and taste the diverse selection of wines that are on offer. If spirits are your thing then try the famous St Agnes Brandy as well as their range of fortified wines.

Salena Estate

This Riverland winery was established in 1998 and is perhaps best known as Australia’s largest producer of organic red wine. Apart from their rich and delicious red wines, they produce notable crisp white wines, roses and cooling sparkling wines for long hot summer days. Situated between the picturesque towns of Berri and Loxton, the winery is home to the Cucina 837 Restaurant, renowned for its delicious food and wine. Right from the start, the owners of Salena Estate, Bob and Sylvia Franchitto, set out to produce a world class wine that was also great value for customers in any global market. They have undoubtedly achieved their aim as evidenced by the fact that their winery has been awarded more than 20 trophies and 100 gold medals from competitions around the world.  

Barossa Wine Tasting

919 Wines

Specialising in the production of high quality organic wines, this small family company based in Glossop and founded in 1999, established their vineyards in 2002. Since then they have expanded rapidly, providing a crush of 60 tonnes of fruit which enables them to produce a wide variety of exciting wines with a flavour that people thirst for. This winery is pet friendly so you can bring your beloved well-behaved pooch and conduct your tasting on the lawn in the beautiful sunshine.

Mallee Estate

Peter and Eleni Markeas arrived in Australia in the 1960s from Greece, fell in love with this sun drenched region and decided to fulfil their dream of producing wine by establishing their first vineyard in 1969. Then in 1998, with almost 30 years of experience behind them, the Mallee Estate was created and continues to produces superior quality wines from grapes that are grown with an environmentally effective management system. The wines they produce today evoke the atmosphere of sitting in a Greek taverna on a warm sunny evening. So visiting this Cellar door and restaurant is a must when exploring the Riverland wineries.

Whistling Kite Biodynamic Vineyard

This fascinating winery demonstrates how just through biodynamic farming practices, it is possible to produce organic wines of outstanding quality. All the grapes are handpicked after being carefully selected then basket pressed with a great deal of care and attention. All of the wines produced here are wild west ferments which give a unique and distinctive flavour – whether they be a traditional Chardonnay or one of the new varieties that are fast emerging such as Petit Manseng, Mencia or the Montepulciano.  With its vineyards and cellar door sitting on the scenic banks of the Murray River it certainly is a fascinating place to visit.

Caudo Wines

Caudo Winery, nestled in the picturesque Riverland region of South Australia, is a true gem. With its stunning vineyards, lush landscapes, and a commitment to sustainable practices, the winery offers a unique and immersive wine experience. Their award-winning wines, crafted with passion and expertise, showcase the region’s exceptional grape varieties.

Enjoy their luscious reds and their crisp whites, as well as delightful rosés; each bottle tells a story of dedication and love for winemaking. A visit to Caudo Winery allows guests to indulge in tastings, explore the vineyards, and soak in the breathtaking views.

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Riverland wineries offer so much more than just wine tasting. Head to the Riverland and experience the fascinating culture of wine production in a beautiful and relaxing setting – and of course sample some of the wonderfully diverse organic wines that the region has to offer.

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