5 reasons Victor Harbor is the ideal destination for a winter getaway in 2020

Drive south of Adelaide for just over an hour and you’ll reach Victor Harbor. Known for its sun, sea, sand and surf, Victor Harbor offers stunning views and is the most popular coastal playground in South Australia. But this family-friendly, coastal paradise isn’t just about the beaches. There are a great deal of things to do in Victor Harbor. The main township is packed with cafes, restaurants, playgrounds, local attractions and plenty of indoor and outdoor activities. What’s more, the surrounding countryside is overflowing with potential for biking and hiking, coastal walks and has countless good views.

Pack up the car, bring the kids, wrap up warm and head down to the seaside this winter. Forget your swimmers this time; you’re heading for a weekend of exploration. Stay in one of the local seaside hotels in Victor Harbor and explore the surrounding towns, sample some local produce at the farmers market, discover some local history, dine at a local restaurant and head out for a fresh morning walk. Here’s why Victor Harbor is the best place for a family weekend escape this winter:

1. Winter is prime time for whale watching in Victor Harbor.

Whilst for some, spotting Whales in the wild might be a once in a lifetime opportunity, South Australians are lucky enough to have the magnificent creatures on their doorstep. Having said that, its’s really only possible to spot whales during the winter. Drop into the South Australian Whale Centre in Victor Harbor to get some whale watching tips and to join in with some hands-on interactive activities. Drive down to The Bluff to spot whales and their calves swimming by. If you’re up for the ultimate whale-watching experience, join a tour with The Big Duck Boat Tours. Even if you don’t spot a whale, you’re bound to find some dolphins and seals. 

Whale watching in victor harbor

Pic credit: The Big Duck Boat Tours

2. There are plenty of cosy cafes and inviting restaurants in Victor Harbor.

There are lots of cosy cafes and restaurants in Victor Harbor, as well as multiple excellent fish and chip shops. Red Orchid Thai Café is known for its modern approach to delicious Asian cuisine and Anchorage’s boat restaurant boasts delectable dishes such as succulent lamb shoulder and seared tuna. Go for the casual option at one of the best hotels in Victor Harbor: McCracken Country Club. Dine at hotel’s The Bar & Grill which has a warm and casual feel, perfect for families. Alternatively, Baudins Restaurant, offers a more intimate experience, with stunning views of the hotel’s rolling golf course as well as a beautiful selection of regional wines. For the ultimate choice of bakery in Victor Harbor, pop down to Port Elliot Bakery and grab a tasty, warm treat. The shop, open for 28 years, has a great reputation. Take the trip and find out why for yourself!

Restaurants in Victor Harbor

Pic credit: Baudins Restaurant

3. You can experience the sea, without actually getting in.

It’s understandable that during the winter you might not want to take a dip in the sea at one of the beaches near Victor Harbor; the air can be refreshing enough. There are however ways to enjoy the ocean without actually taking the plunge. Experience life beneath the waves at Oceanic Victor and watch Southern Bluefin Tuna zip past you as you venture below the surface of the sea into a glass-sided viewing area. There’s also an opportunity for the kids to feed the fish too.

Oceanic victor

Pic credit: Oceanic Victor

4. There are lots of things to do in Victor Harbor for kids. 

When it comes to things to do in Victor Harbor for children, there’s lots for them to enjoy. Hop onboard the historic Cockle Train to Goolwa for an adventure. The train is set upon Australia’s first railway line, built in 1887. Spectacular scenery makes the ride exciting even for adults. If a train trip doesn’t sound appealing, head towards Granite Island and take the horse-drawn train across the causeway. Once you reach the island, look out for the local residents (penguins). Plenty of playgrounds also make Victor Harbor child-friendly. GT Fisher Playground is one of the best and offers kids a great space to run around and explore. 

Victor harbor

Pic credit: Oceanic Victor

5. Taking a walk in winter is more refreshing.

Victor Harbor’s tranquil sandy beaches and jagged cliff faces make it ideal for scenic coastal walks. Choose a trail by the ocean, wrap up warm and soak in the fresh sea air. Follow up with a well-deserved, warm coffee. If you fancy heading inland, you can also discover numerous opportunities for walking trails near Victor Harbor. The Heysen Trail – which actually originates all the way in the Flinders Ranges – passes by the seaside town. Photographers will fall in love with the scenic views along this undulating trail. For a dose of local culture, you can also choose to take the Heritage Trail and learn about Victor Harbor’s colonial past. It’s super easy-going and you’ll leave with some fun-facts.

Victor Harbor

Pic credit: Graham Scheer

Accommodation in Victor Harbor

When looking for accommodation in Victor Harbor this winter, choose to stay at McCracken Country Club. Great  restaurants and a sweeping golf will be on your doorstep. Even better, the hotel has an indoor pool and spa facilities for winter days when you might need some time indoors to warm up. If you’re looking at where to stay in Victor Harbor, this hotel caters for the whole family.

Pic credit: McCracken Country Club