Your Ultimate Guide to Perth

Perth in a nutshell

Perth, the dynamic capital of Western Australia, is a city that perfectly balances urban sophistication with natural beauty. Nestled on the southwestern coast, it is flanked by the pristine beaches of the Indian Ocean and the tranquil waters of the Swan River. Perth is renowned for its sunny weather, offering more sunny days than any other Australian capital, making it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts and sun-seekers alike.

The city’s cultural and culinary scenes are equally impressive. Perth boasts a vibrant arts landscape, with numerous galleries, museums, and theaters, including the Art Gallery of Western Australia and the Perth Cultural Centre. The city’s culinary offerings are diverse, ranging from gourmet restaurants and trendy cafes to bustling food markets. Nearby, the Swan Valley wine region, Western Australia’s oldest, provides a haven for food and drink lovers with its many wineries, breweries, and gourmet food producers.

For those seeking adventure, Perth offers a plethora of outdoor activities. From kayaking on the Swan River and cycling through scenic trails to exploring the historic streets of Fremantle and the idyllic beaches of Rottnest Island, there is something for everyone. Kings Park and Botanic Garden, one of the world’s largest inner-city parks, offers stunning views of the city skyline and a rich diversity of native flora.

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Whether you’re interested in cultural experiences, culinary delights, or outdoor adventures, Perth promises a unique and unforgettable experience.

Accommodation for your Weekend Escape to Perth

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Things to do in Perth

Dive into a world of excitement with endless things to do in Perth, from exploring pristine beaches and vibrant markets to savoring gourmet delights and world-class wines. Wander through lush parks, embark on thrilling outdoor escapades, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of arts and culture. Whether you’re here to relax, explore, or indulge, Perth’s unique blend of natural beauty and urban chic offers an unforgettable experience for every traveler. Get ready to discover the magic of Perth—where your next great adventure awaits! Here’s a detailed guide to some of the must-visit places in Perth:

King’s Park and Botanic Garden

Kings Park and Botanic Garden is one of the largest and most beautiful inner-city parks in the world, offering a serene escape in the heart of Perth. Spanning over 400 hectares, this iconic parkland combines stunning natural landscapes with meticulously curated gardens, providing visitors with a unique blend of native bushland, botanical gardens, and sweeping views of the Swan River and Perth city skyline.

Pic credit: Tourism Western Australia

The Botanic Garden showcases an extensive collection of Western Australian flora, with over 3,000 species of the state’s unique plants. Visitors can explore themed gardens, stroll through vibrant wildflower displays, and learn about the rich biodiversity and cultural heritage of the region. The park is also home to the State War Memorial, a poignant tribute to Western Australia’s servicemen and women.

Pic credit: ©Tourism Western Australia

Kings Park offers a variety of walking and cycling paths, picnic areas, playgrounds, and guided tours, making it a perfect destination for families, nature enthusiasts, and anyone seeking tranquility amidst the urban hustle. With its blend of natural beauty, cultural significance, and recreational facilities, Kings Park and Botanic Garden is a must-visit destination that captures the essence of Perth’s outdoor lifestyle and botanical heritage.

Explore Fremantle

Fremantle, or “Freo” as locals call it, is known for its maritime history, vibrant arts scene, and well-preserved colonial architecture. Key attractions include the Fremantle Markets, where you can find local crafts and fresh produce, and the Fremantle Prison, a UNESCO World Heritage site offering fascinating tours. The cappuccino strip is perfect for coffee lovers, while the Fishing Boat Harbour offers seafood restaurants and waterfront views. Fremantle is also home to several museums, including the WA Maritime Museum.

Take a Trip to Rottnest Island

Pic credit: Tourism Western Australia

Rottnest Island, located 19 kilometers off the coast, is famous for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and native wildlife, including the friendly quokka. The island is car-free, making bicycles the primary mode of transport. You can snorkel in the coral reefs, explore historical sites like the Wadjemup Lighthouse, and relax on secluded beaches. The island also offers accommodation ranging from luxury resorts to camping grounds, catering to all types of travelers.

Wander Around Elizabeth Quay

Pic credit: Tourism Western Australia

Elizabeth Quay is a vibrant waterfront precinct on the banks of the Swan River. It features a mix of dining, entertainment, and recreational activities. Highlights include the striking Elizabeth Quay Bridge, the public artwork Spanda, and the BHP Billiton Water Park. You can take a river cruise, dine at one of the many restaurants and bars, or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll along the promenades. The area is also a hub for events and festivals throughout the year.

Cruise the Swan River

Pic credit: Tourism Western Australia

A Swan River cruise offers a unique perspective of Perth’s skyline and the surrounding natural beauty. Cruises often include dining options, from lunch and dinner cruises to wine tastings as you pass by the picturesque Swan Valley wineries. Captain Cook Cruises offers a variety of experiences, including a scenic cruise from Perth to Fremantle, a wine cruise to the Swan Valley, and evening dinner cruises that showcase the city lights.

Discover Optus Stadium

Pic credit: Tourism Western Australia

Optus Stadium, voted the world’s most beautiful sporting stadium, hosts a variety of sports and entertainment events, including Australian Football League, cricket, soccer, rugby, and concerts. Visitors can tour the stadium, enjoy the views of the Swan River, or even arrive by boat for a unique experience. The stadium’s design and amenities make it a premier destination for both sports enthusiasts and tourists.

Beaches in Perth

Perth, Western Australia, is blessed with stunning beaches that offer sun, surf, and relaxation against a backdrop of clear blue skies and sparkling waters. Here are some of the best beaches in and around Perth:

Cottesloe Beach

Pic credit: Tourism Western Australia

Renowned for its iconic Indiana Tea House and vibrant atmosphere, Cottesloe Beach is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Its golden sands and inviting turquoise waters make it perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and enjoying stunning sunsets. The grassy terraces along Marine Parade provide ideal picnic spots with picturesque views of the Indian Ocean.

Scarborough Beach

Pic credit: Tourism Australia

Scarborough Beach is popular for its energetic vibe and excellent surfing conditions. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer, you’ll find waves suitable for all levels. The beachfront precinct offers a variety of cafes, bars, and restaurants, making it a great place to unwind after a day in the sun.

City Beach

Pic credit: Tourism Western Australia

Located just minutes from Perth’s CBD, City Beach combines natural beauty with modern amenities. It’s ideal for families with its calm waters, shaded picnic areas, and playgrounds. The beach is also popular for beach volleyball and jogging along the scenic coastal paths.

Trigg Beach

Trigg Beach is a favorite among surfers and bodyboarders thanks to its consistent swell and offshore reefs. The southern end of the beach is perfect for swimming and snorkeling, while the northern end offers more challenging waves for water sports enthusiasts. Trigg Island, accessible by a short swim or walk at low tide, provides panoramic views of the coastline.

Leighton Beach

Pic credit: Tourism Western Australia and credit @ospreycreative on social media

Located south of Cottesloe, Leighton Beach is renowned for its long stretches of white sand and clear waters. It’s a great spot for swimming and kite surfing, with gentle waves and consistent sea breezes. The beachside cafes offer a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a meal or drink while taking in the coastal views.

Mullaloo Beach

Mullaloo Beach is known for its family-friendly amenities, including shaded picnic areas, playgrounds, and calm waters protected by an offshore reef. It’s ideal for swimming and snorkeling, with the opportunity to spot colorful marine life in the clear, shallow waters.

Sorrento Beach

Sorrento Beach is located north of Hillarys Boat Harbour and offers a tranquil setting with pristine sands and turquoise waters. It’s popular for swimming and snorkeling, with a designated swimming area patrolled by lifeguards during peak times. The beach is surrounded by grassy picnic areas and barbecue facilities, making it perfect for a relaxed day by the sea.

Mettam’s Pool

Pic credit: Tourism Western Australia

Mettam’s Pool is a natural lagoon located within the Trigg Beach marine sanctuary. Its calm, shallow waters are ideal for snorkeling and swimming, with abundant marine life visible in the clear, protected bay. The beach is surrounded by limestone rocks and offers stunning views of the Indian Ocean.

Cafes and Restaurants in Perth

Perth, Australia, boasts a dynamic culinary scene that captivates both locals and visitors alike with its diverse array of cafes and restaurants. From bustling urban neighborhoods to serene coastal settings, Perth offers a gastronomic journey that celebrates fresh, locally sourced ingredients and a passion for innovative cuisine. Whether you’re seeking a laid-back beachside cafe for a morning coffee, an elegant waterfront restaurant for a romantic dinner, or a vibrant brunch spot in the heart of the city, Perth’s dining options cater to every taste and occasion.

The city’s dining landscape reflects its multicultural heritage, blending influences from around the globe into creative dishes that showcase Western Australia’s rich culinary diversity. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, Perth’s cafes and restaurants not only promise exceptional food but also provide unique settings that enhance the dining experience, whether you’re enjoying panoramic views of the Swan River or exploring hidden gems in lively suburban precincts. If you’re a food enthusiast looking to explore new flavors or simply seeking a memorable dining experience, Perth is the right place for you to discover new flavors and experience their thriving food culture.

Urban Kitchen Cafe

Situated in Subiaco, Urban Kitchen Cafe is a cozy spot cherished by locals for its welcoming ambiance and wholesome fare. From hearty breakfast options like smashed avocado on toast to gourmet sandwiches and fresh salads for lunch, the cafe prides itself on using quality, seasonal ingredients. Whether you’re stopping by for a quick coffee or settling in for a leisurely meal, Urban Kitchen Cafe offers a taste of comfort and community in a bustling suburb setting.

Paprika Cafe

Found in Northbridge, Paprika Cafe captures the essence of Mediterranean cuisine with its vibrant flavors and inviting atmosphere. The cafe’s menu features a variety of Spanish tapas, Italian pasta dishes, and hearty Mediterranean mains. Diners can enjoy a leisurely meal paired with a selection of wines and cocktails, making Paprika Cafe a popular choice for those seeking a taste of the Mediterranean in the heart of Perth.

Blue Lotus Cafe

Located in Nedlands, Blue Lotus Cafe offers a serene retreat with its tranquil garden setting and Asian-inspired menu. Patrons can savor dishes influenced by Thai, Vietnamese, and Malaysian cuisine, all crafted with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely brunch or stopping by for a quick bite, Blue Lotus Cafe provides a peaceful oasis where diners can relax and indulge in flavors from across Asia.

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Cafe Mojo Mundaring

Set in the picturesque Mundaring Hills, Cafe Mojo is a charming cafe known for its rustic charm and hearty meals. The cafe’s menu features gourmet burgers, homemade cakes, and a selection of Australian favorites, all served in a cozy, country-style setting. Whether you’re exploring the scenic surrounds or simply enjoying a meal with family and friends, Cafe Mojo Mundaring promises a warm welcome and delicious dining experience in the Perth Hills.

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Millpoint Caffe Bookshop

Combining the love of literature with a passion for coffee, Millpoint Caffe Bookshop in South Perth offers a unique dining experience. Guests can browse through shelves of books while savoring freshly brewed coffee, homemade pastries, and light meals. This cozy cafe is a favorite among bookworms and coffee enthusiasts alike, providing a tranquil environment where guests can unwind and indulge in literary and culinary delights.


Located in Victoria Park, Cariola is a family-run cafe renowned for its modern Australian cuisine and welcoming atmosphere. The cafe’s menu showcases seasonal dishes made with locally sourced ingredients, ensuring a fresh and flavorful dining experience. Whether you’re enjoying brunch with friends or treating yourself to a leisurely lunch, Cariola offers a taste of hospitality and homemade goodness in Perth’s vibrant dining scene.


Espressoul in Mount Hawthorn is a hidden gem beloved for its specialty coffee and delicious breakfast offerings. The cafe’s minimalist decor and relaxed ambiance provide the perfect backdrop for enjoying gourmet sandwiches, wholesome salads, and freshly baked pastries. Whether you’re starting your day with a caffeine fix or catching up with friends over brunch, Espressoul promises a satisfying dining experience with a focus on quality and simplicity.


Situated in Leederville, Lupolab is a brewery and kitchen known for its craft beers and hearty pub-style fare. The venue offers a rotating selection of locally brewed beers paired with a menu that features everything from gourmet burgers to shareable plates. Whether you’re sampling a flight of beers or enjoying a meal with friends, Lupolab provides a laid-back atmosphere where guests can relax and indulge in flavorsome food and drink.

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The Sarapan

Located in East Victoria Park, The Sarapan celebrates the rich flavors of Indonesia with its authentic dishes and warm hospitality. From traditional Nasi Goreng to aromatic Satay skewers, diners can experience the diverse culinary heritage of Indonesia in a cozy and inviting setting. The Sarapan offers a taste of Southeast Asia in Perth’s multicultural dining landscape, making it a must-visit for food enthusiasts seeking bold and flavorful dishes.

Fez Cafe

Fez Cafe in Fremantle blends Moroccan and Mediterranean influences to create a unique dining experience. The cafe’s menu features aromatic tagines, mezze platters, and freshly baked pastries, all served in a vibrant and colorful setting. Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely lunch or sampling exotic flavors, Fez Cafe transports guests to the bustling souks of North Africa amidst Fremantle’s eclectic atmosphere.

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Numero Uno Cafe

Located in Perth’s CBD, Numero Uno Cafe is a favorite among locals for its hearty breakfasts, gourmet sandwiches, and friendly service. Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite during your lunch break or enjoying a leisurely brunch, Numero Uno Cafe offers a relaxed dining experience with a focus on quality ingredients and flavors. The cafe’s inviting atmosphere and consistently delicious food make it a popular choice for casual dining and coffee enthusiasts alike.

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Cake by cake

Nestled in West Leederville, Cake by cake is a delightful patisserie known for its exquisite cakes, pastries, and sweet treats. Diners can indulge in beautifully crafted desserts, paired with specialty coffees and teas, amidst a charming and cozy cafe setting. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply treating yourself, cake by cake promises a decadent dining experience where every bite is a delight.\

La Cholita

La Cholita, located in the bustling district of Northbridge, is a vibrant Mexican restaurant known for its lively atmosphere and authentic cuisine. The decor is colorful and eclectic, featuring traditional Mexican artwork and a bustling bar that serves a wide array of tequila and mezcal. The menu boasts classic Mexican dishes such as tacos, quesadillas, and ceviche, all crafted with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Whether you’re enjoying a casual meal with friends or sipping margaritas, La Cholita offers a festive dining experience that transports you straight to Mexico.

Lucky Chan’s Laundry and Noodle Bar

Situated in Northbridge, Lucky Chan’s Laundry and Noodle Bar is a unique dining spot that combines quirky decor with delicious Asian cuisine. The restaurant is styled as a clandestine laundromat, complete with washing machines and a rooftop bar. The menu features a variety of Asian-inspired dishes, with a focus on ramen, dumplings, and bao buns. The innovative cocktails and extensive sake list complement the flavorful food, making Lucky Chan’s a popular destination for a fun and memorable dining experience.

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Clancy’s Fish Pub: City Beach

Clancy’s Fish Pub at City Beach offers a relaxed seaside dining experience with stunning ocean views. Known for its fresh seafood and casual pub fare, Clancy’s is a family-friendly venue that captures the essence of coastal dining. The menu includes a variety of seafood dishes, such as fish and chips, calamari, and seafood platters, alongside a selection of craft beers and local wines. The laid-back atmosphere and picturesque setting make it an ideal spot for a leisurely meal by the beach.

Manuka Woodfire Kitchen

Located in Fremantle, Manuka Woodfire Kitchen is a cozy restaurant that specializes in wood-fired cooking. The rustic decor and open kitchen create an inviting ambiance, while the menu features seasonal, locally sourced ingredients cooked over a wood fire. Signature dishes include wood-fired pizzas, succulent meats, and charred vegetables, all infused with smoky flavors. The emphasis on sustainable practices and the use of organic produce make Manuka a favorite among food enthusiasts looking for authentic, artisanal cuisine.


Yiamas, situated in Perth’s Mount Lawley, brings the vibrant flavors of Greece to the heart of the city. This Greek taverna is known for its warm hospitality and traditional Greek dishes, such as moussaka, souvlaki, and spanakopita. The menu is designed for sharing, with an array of mezze plates that showcase the rich and diverse flavors of Greek cuisine. The lively atmosphere, complete with Greek music and rustic decor, makes Yiamas a perfect spot for celebrating with family and friends.

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Rojiura Curry Samurai

Rojiura Curry Samurai in Perth’s CBD offers a unique Japanese dining experience with its specialty curry dishes. The cozy, minimalist interior provides a calm setting to enjoy a variety of curry options, from traditional Japanese curry rice to inventive curry udon and ramen. Each dish is crafted with care, using a blend of spices and fresh ingredients to create rich, flavorful curries. The restaurant’s focus on authentic Japanese flavors and its welcoming atmosphere make it a popular choice for curry lovers.

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Fleur, located within The Royal Hotel in the CBD, is a sophisticated dining destination that offers an elegant and contemporary menu. The restaurant’s chic, modern decor creates a refined ambiance, perfect for special occasions or intimate dinners. The menu features a fusion of Asian and European influences, with dishes that highlight seasonal produce and innovative culinary techniques. Fleur’s commitment to quality and creativity ensures a memorable dining experience that delights the senses.

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Perched atop the COMO The Treasury building in Perth’s CBD, Wildflower is a fine dining restaurant that celebrates Western Australia’s indigenous ingredients and culinary traditions. The restaurant’s sleek, modern design offers panoramic views of the city, enhancing the dining experience. The menu, which changes seasonally, features dishes inspired by the indigenous ethos of six seasons, incorporating native ingredients in innovative ways. Wildflower’s dedication to sustainability and its exquisite cuisine make it a standout destination for gourmet dining.

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Monsterella Pizza

Monsterella Pizza in Wembley is a beloved neighborhood pizzeria known for its authentic, wood-fired pizzas. The casual, family-friendly atmosphere and welcoming staff make it a popular spot for locals. The menu features a variety of classic and creative pizza options, all made with fresh, high-quality ingredients and cooked to perfection in a traditional wood-fired oven. In addition to pizzas, Monsterella offers a selection of pasta dishes, salads, and desserts, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

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The Shorehouse

The Shorehouse, located in Swanbourne, offers a stunning beachfront dining experience with panoramic ocean views. The contemporary coastal decor and open-air terrace create a relaxed yet stylish atmosphere. The menu features a range of modern Australian dishes, with an emphasis on fresh, locally sourced seafood and seasonal produce. From leisurely brunches to sunset dinners, The Shorehouse provides a picturesque setting for enjoying delicious food and drinks by the sea.

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Uma Restaurant

Situated in the Pan Pacific Perth, Uma Restaurant offers a sophisticated dining experience with a focus on Peruvian cuisine. The sleek, modern decor sets the stage for a culinary journey through Peru, with dishes that highlight the vibrant flavors and diverse ingredients of this South American country. Signature dishes include ceviche, anticuchos, and tiradito, all prepared with a contemporary twist. Uma’s dedication to authentic flavors and innovative presentations makes it a unique and exciting addition to Perth’s dining scene.

Bars in Perth

Pic credit: Kelly Bucksey

Perth is renowned for its eclectic and lively bar scene. From chic rooftop bars offering panoramic views of the city and Swan River to hidden speakeasies and trendy microbreweries, Perth’s bars cater to all tastes and preferences. Whether you’re in the mood for craft cocktails, locally brewed beers, or fine wines from nearby vineyards, you’ll find a diverse array of establishments that showcase the city’s dynamic nightlife and innovative mixology.

Check out some bars in Perth below to discover unique atmospheres, creative drinks, and great vibes:

The Exchange Bar

Pic credit: Exchange Brewing Co./facebook

Located in Perth’s CBD, The Exchange Bar offers a vibrant atmosphere perfect for after-work drinks or casual dining. Known for its extensive selection of craft beers, cocktails, and wines, this bar also serves up a delicious menu of modern Australian cuisine with a focus on locally sourced ingredients. Whether you’re looking to unwind with colleagues or enjoy a meal with friends, The Exchange Bar promises a memorable dining experience in the heart of the city.

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Lalla Rookh Wine Store

Lalla Rookh Wine Store is an elegant venue that seamlessly blends a wine bar, restaurant, and bottle shop. Located in the CBD, it boasts an impressive selection of local and international wines, curated to please even the most discerning palates. The ambiance is chic yet relaxed, making it an ideal spot for both intimate dinners and casual gatherings with friends. The knowledgeable staff are always on hand to guide you through their extensive wine list and pairings.

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Bar Amelie

Located in the heart of Perth, Bar Amelie is a sophisticated yet unpretentious spot that combines classic European elegance with modern charm. Known for its expertly crafted cocktails and a well-curated selection of wines and spirits, Bar Amelie provides a welcoming atmosphere for both casual drinks and special celebrations. The stylish interior and attentive service make it a standout in Perth’s bar scene.

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Foxtrot Unicorn

Foxtrot Unicorn is a hidden gem nestled in a basement in the CBD, known for its eclectic decor and exceptional cocktail menu. The bar’s vintage aesthetic, complete with retro furnishings and quirky decor elements, creates a unique and inviting ambiance. The bartenders at Foxtrot Unicorn are true mixology experts, crafting innovative drinks that delight the senses and surprise the palate.

Bertie Wine Bar

Bertie Wine Bar, located in the vibrant suburb of Mount Lawley, offers a cozy and intimate setting for wine lovers. With a focus on natural and organic wines, this bar provides a carefully curated selection that highlights small producers and unique varietals. The warm, inviting atmosphere and knowledgeable staff make Bertie Wine Bar a perfect spot for both casual sips and in-depth wine explorations.

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Vincent Wine

Vincent Wine in Northbridge is a chic and modern wine bar that specializes in European wines, particularly those from France and Italy. The sleek decor and ambient lighting create an elegant backdrop for enjoying a glass of wine or a classic cocktail. The bar’s relaxed yet sophisticated vibe makes it a great destination for a stylish night out or a quiet evening of wine tasting.

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Volare, situated in East Perth, is a contemporary bar that offers a refined yet relaxed drinking experience. Known for its extensive wine list and craft beer selection, Volare caters to a diverse crowd looking for quality drinks in a stylish setting. The bar’s modern design and comfortable seating make it an inviting place to unwind and enjoy the company of friends.

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Powells Fromagerie and Wine Bar

Located in Fremantle, Powells Fromagerie and Wine Bar combines the best of wine and cheese in a charming, rustic setting. The bar offers a curated selection of wines from around the world, expertly paired with artisanal cheeses and charcuterie. The cozy, intimate atmosphere and knowledgeable staff make it a must-visit for anyone seeking a sophisticated yet relaxed culinary experience.

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Madalena’s Bar

Perched along the coast in South Fremantle, Madalena’s Bar offers a relaxed beachside vibe with an emphasis on sustainable seafood and natural wines. The open-air setting and ocean views create a perfect backdrop for enjoying fresh, flavorful dishes and unique beverages. The laid-back atmosphere and friendly service make Madalena’s a popular spot for both locals and visitors.

Sneaky Tony’s

Sneaky Tony’s is a speakeasy-style bar in Northbridge, known for its extensive rum collection and prohibition-era ambiance. Hidden behind an unmarked door, this bar offers an exclusive and intimate experience with dim lighting, vintage decor, and expertly crafted cocktails. The unique concept and expertly curated drink menu make Sneaky Tony’s a standout destination for those in the know.

Volstead Lounge

Volstead Lounge, also located in Northbridge, offers a speakeasy experience with a focus on classic cocktails and an extensive whiskey selection. The bar’s dimly lit, vintage-inspired interior creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a well-crafted drink in a relaxed setting. The knowledgeable bartenders and carefully curated menu ensure a memorable visit every time.

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Settlers Tavern

Nestled in the heart of Margaret River, Settlers Tavern is a beloved pub known for its lively atmosphere, live music, and extensive beer selection. The pub’s rustic charm and friendly vibe make it a popular gathering spot for locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a hearty meal, catch a live band, or simply relax with a pint, Settlers Tavern offers a quintessential pub experience.

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Located in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Highgate, Ruinbar offers a trendy, industrial-chic setting with a focus on craft beers and innovative cocktails. The bar’s eclectic decor, featuring reclaimed materials and urban artwork, creates a unique and stylish backdrop for socializing and enjoying drinks. The diverse beverage menu and vibrant atmosphere make Ruinbar a hotspot for Perth’s trendy crowd.

Bertie Wine Bar

Also located in Mount Lawley, Bertie Wine Bar is a cozy and intimate venue specializing in natural and organic wines. With a focus on small producers and unique varietals, Bertie Wine Bar offers a carefully curated selection that delights wine enthusiasts. The warm, inviting atmosphere and knowledgeable staff make it an ideal spot for both casual sips and in-depth wine explorations.

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Bob’s Bar at Print Hall

Bob’s Bar, located on the rooftop of Print Hall in Perth’s Brookfield Place, offers a charming blend of laid-back Aussie vibes and sophisticated urban atmosphere. Named after Australia’s 21st Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, this rooftop bar features retro-inspired decor and stunning city views. Patrons can enjoy a diverse selection of craft beers, premium wines, and creative cocktails, along with a menu of gourmet bar snacks perfect for sharing. With its inviting ambiance and scenic setting, Bob’s Bar is an ideal spot for after-work drinks, weekend gatherings, and enjoying Perth’s vibrant nightlife.


AUS Weekend Escape’s top hotel picks!

Are you planning a visit to Perth and looking for the perfect place to stay? Perth, Australia’s sunniest capital, offers a diverse array of accommodations that cater to every type of traveler, ensuring a memorable and comfortable stay. Whether you’re visiting for business or leisure, you’ll find options ranging from luxurious city-center hotels to cozy boutique lodgings nestled in charming neighborhoods. Imagine waking up to stunning views of the Swan River, staying just steps away from the vibrant arts and cultural scene, or enjoying the serenity of accommodations surrounded by lush parks and gardens. With its seamless blend of urban sophistication and natural beauty, Perth provides the ideal backdrop for an unforgettable stay. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore all that this dynamic city has to offer, knowing that a perfect place to call home awaits you.

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Novotel Perth Murray Street

Located in the heart of Perth’s bustling city center, Novotel Perth Murray Street offers modern and stylish accommodations ideal for both business and leisure travelers. With its convenient location, guests have easy access to Perth’s major attractions, shopping districts, and dining options. The hotel features contemporary rooms and suites designed for comfort and relaxation, complete with amenities such as free Wi-Fi, a fitness center, and an on-site restaurant and bar.


Great Eastern Motor Lodge

The Great Eastern Motor Lodge provides comfortable and affordable accommodations in a convenient location, making it a popular choice for travelers seeking value and ease of access. Situated close to Perth’s attractions and transport links, the lodge offers spacious rooms equipped with essential amenities. Guests can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and personalized service, along with facilities like free parking, a swimming pool, and dining options nearby.


Sanno Marracoonda Perth Airport Hotel

Perfectly situated for travelers needing easy access to Perth Airport, Sanno Marracoonda Perth Airport Hotel provides a convenient and comfortable stay just minutes away from the terminals. The hotel offers a range of room types suited for individual travelers, families, and groups, all equipped with modern amenities for a pleasant stay. Guests can take advantage of complimentary airport transfers, ample parking, and dining options within the hotel.