Your Ultimate Guide to Shepparton

Shepparton in a nutshell

Situated on the floodplain of the Goulburn River, Shepparton Victoria is a charming city packed with things to do and see. The city caters to those seeking a relaxing weekend escape for two, whilst it will also keep the family busy and entertained during a short getaway.

Offering visitors shops, restaurants, culture, you’ll also have access to parks, reserves and forests through which multiple walking trails thread, provide a stunning countryside landscape and opportunity to relax. A nearby lake and plenty of parks offer visitors to Shepparton with multiple grassy spots for picnics and barbecues during the summer months. Plus, children’s playgrounds and leisure activities are abundant, meaning the kids will be more than catered for here. Shepparton truly offers all the attractions and activities you could ever wish for in a regional city.

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Victoria lake in shepparton at sunset

Victoria Park Lake – Pic credit: Greater Shepparton City Council

The perfect weekend escape from Melbourne

The drive from Melbourne to Shepparton will take you approximately two hours. This weekend escape hotspot isn’t too close and certainly isn’t too far from home. Spend a night or two with the whole family and explore the countryside. Enjoy a meal out, relax by the lake, visit a gallery, take a hike and let the kids run wild at Australia’s largest adventure playground. If it’s an escape from the city you’re looking for this weekend, Shepparton might just be the ideal spot for you.

This ultimate guide to Shepparton includes all the information you need to start planning a relaxing weekend escape. So pack your bags and let us unveil Shepparton in all its glory! Read on to discover the best things to do in Shepparton.

Things to do in Shepparton

Go to a local farmers market

At the local Shepparton Farmers Market – occurring on the first Sunday of each month – explore around 30 stalls teeming with local produce. Fresh products such as pastas, ciders, cakes and breads as well as fresh fruit and vegetables are all available to buy here. All stalls at this Farmers Market celebrate the best of the Goulburn Valley. For those into arts and crafts, the Shepparton Indoor Market is open seven days a week, and is host to local businesses selling anything from shoes and clothes, to candles and soaps. During your stay, get a real taste of Shepparton and shop local at either of these community focused markets.

Victoria lake shepparton

Victoria Park Lake – Pic credit: Greater Shepparton City Council

Visit Victoria Park Lake

Known in the local Shepparton area for being a tranquil gem in the city, Victoria Park Lake is a centrally located and truly picturesque spot. Visit here on any evening or weekend day and find locals cycling, fishing, walking and playing outdoor games. Formerly a swamp, this public park was established in 1900 and named after Queen Victoria. Victoria Park itself covers a massive area of 43-hectares, making it an ideal place to spend some extended time. In parts, the meandering Goulburn River slices through the park, adding to the diverse setting of the place. Whether you’re looking for a place to play some outdoor games with the family, a picnic spot, or simply a setting to kick back and read a book, Victoria Park Lake is a great place to start.

Drop by the Motor Museum

Shepparton has a history of driving and is a major hub for Australian transport. What’s more, the city has one of the highest numbers of collector cars. The growing collection at Shepparton Motor Museum makes for a great day out for those with an interest in cars. Over 100 classic cars and collectables are on sale, as well as motorcycles and vintage bicycles. Drop by to discover a piece of Shepparton’s history at the Motor Museum.

Hire a canoe or kayak

With all the water available in and around Shepparton, it would be a shame not to take advantage. Drift down the Goulburn River on your very own canoe or kayak renting for an hour, half or full day with River Country Adventours. Explore the waterways and get a little exercise. When it comes to things to do in Shepparton, this has to be one of the best and most fun.

canoeing in shepparton

Take a hike

There are plenty of opportunities for hiking in Shepparton and the surrounding region. Explore the region on paths and routes which lead you through scenic bush landscapes, thick forests and riverside environments. Perhaps the best option for a short hike in Shepparton is the Dookie Rail Trail. The Dookie Rail Trail is a fairly short, scenic option for cyclists and pedestrians. Tranquil views of rolling hills and Australian cropping landscapes can be seen all around. The best views can be found on the Mulana Nin Iyoga Walking Trail. Head up the slopes of Mount Major and catch a glimpse of the encapsulating ranges.

Take the kids to Kyabram Fauna Park

There are plenty of things to do with kids in Shepparton, but a visit to Kyabram Fauna Park is one of the best. Home to around 600 native Australian animals, including wombats, wallabies, emus and koalas, this place is enjoyable for children and also adults. Also at the Fauna Park, you can find a reptile house hosting a crocodile, lizards, snakes and turtles as well as an insect display. Across the 55 hectares of woodland at Kyabram Fauna Park, you will find wetlands and lakes home to endless numbers of birds and wildlife. Free ranging kangaroos make for an immersive wildlife experience. Climb up to the top of the observation tower and observe the animals with a different perspective. At certain times throughout the day, animal interactions are on offer and you can get up close with the wildlife of the park.

Browse Shepparton Art Museum

Head to Shepparton Art Museum (SAM), a venue housing some of the most important collections of historical and contemporary works in the country. It is the home of the biennial Sidney Myer Fund Australian Ceramic Award and the Indigenous Ceramic Art Award. The museum focuses on collecting local artworks in the media (including ceramics) with a big focus on Indigenous and all other Australian art. Exhibitions change all the time, so take a look at the website, pick something you like and head over!

art exhibition shepparton

Mooving Art – Pic credit: Greater Shepparton City Council

Visit MooovingArt

Iconic in the Shepparton area, MooovingArt is an exhibition which involves the entire city. During your trip to Shepparton, you will find life sized cows, each painted different and all brightly coloured, scattered across parks and public spaces. Approximately 90 cows are on show and their ever-changing colours keep the exhibition alive. Discover the cows as you explore Shepparton, or alternatively head to their Facebook page and look for each location.

Enjoy an afternoon at Kidstown

Shepparton is home to the largest outdoor adventure playground in Australia. Suitable for children of all ages, KidsTown is world-class and can keep children busy for hours! Triggering the imagination and focusing on informing and entertaining children, the massive playground offers elements for those of all physical abilities. The park receives a whopping 150,000 visitors each year and is open 360 days. At five hectares large, KidsTown includes giant slides, train rides, mazes and much more. Picnic areas and barbecues are available across the park too, so if you’re looking for somewhere to spend the day, you can easily set up a base and bring lunch with you.

Stroll through the Botanic Gardens

Explore the Australian Botanic Gardens Shepparton, where native Australian plants are interspersed amongst themed garden areas and wild bushland. Previously a landfill site, this impressive development has truly changed the landscape into something spectacular. The gardens were thoughtfully crafted to represent the great diversity and history of the region, in terms of its culture, environment and agriculture. Follow a story of Shepparton as you stroll through the vegetation.

Visitors can climb up to a peak in the centre of the gardens – Honeysuckle Rise – where a fantastic lookout offers gorgeous views of the green Shepparton landscape. Wander through the themed gardens and admire the beautiful design, native grassy bushland and wetlands across this seven hectare slice of serenity.

botanical gardens shepparton

Australian Botanic Gardens – Pic credit: Greater Shepparton City Council

Explore Cactus Country

Head to Cactus Country and surround yourself with a wild landscape that you would expect to find in Mexico. Desert landscapes, sprinkled with lofty cacti and other succulents describe the otherworldly environment here. Spend the afternoon amongst the 12-acre garden and discover more than 4000 species of beautiful cacti. Eight unique trails which lead you through different continents, allow for a learning opportunity. Explore the landscapes of South America, South Africa, Mexico and much more. Then, once you’re done, a cafe and courtyard serving up ice cold margaritas, Mexican beers and cactus snacks is a must-visit. Don’t leave without trying some cactus cake and cactus ice cream!

Go fishing with a twist

Experience the wonders of Fresh Water Fishing Day with the Burnanga Indigenous Fishing Club. Immerse yourself in tailored cultural fishing experiences that incorporate local Aboriginal knowledge and traditions. Join fishing competitions, participate in activities held throughout the year, and indulge in products infused with cultural significance. Whether it’s a weekend getaway, school holiday adventure, or a public holiday outing, the club offers memorable experiences that are influenced by the season, restrictions, and availability. Discover the rich heritage and connection to the land through the Burnanga Indigenous Fishing Club.

Visit a brewery

After a morning spent walking, cycling or exploring the region, it will be time for a beer! Off to Wild Life Brewing Co! This great spot was founded by a group of friends who hail from the charming countryside of Victoria. Drawing inspiration from our rural roots, we strive to create simply delicious beers that cater to the way people drink in the country. Our focus is on crafting consistent, high-quality brews that won’t break the bank, because us country folk are known for our social nature and the need for a well-stocked fridge. Recently opening our new brewery in Shepparton, we not only support the local community but also aspire to become a top regional tourism destination. So, why wait? Grab a cold six-pack and join our crew today!

cactus garden

Get active at Billabong Ranch Adventure Park

Billabong Ranch is a park dedicated to outdoor activities for the whole family. Head over to try out something new and get some exercise. A bouldering wall, mini-golf, pony riding, archery, pedal boats, a children’s playground and much more is on offer at this exciting Shepparton location. Bring the kids and spend the day in the fresh air. End your trip with a visit to the cafe.

Take the kids fo Aquamoves

Discover Aquamoves, Shepparton’s premier recreational center located near Victoria Park Lake and the All Abilities Playground. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a family looking for fun, or simply seeking relaxation, Aquamoves has something for everyone. Enjoy indoor and outdoor pools, a range of fitness facilities and programs, and all-day family fun at affordable prices. With its central location and vibrant community events, Aquamoves is a must-visit destination in Shepparton. Dive into the excitement and experience the best of aquatic recreation at Aquamoves.

Enjoy the views and nature of Lower Goulburn National Park

Lower Goulburn National Park beckons adventurers to explore its pristine beauty and immerse themselves in nature’s embrace. Located in Victoria, this captivating park boasts a diverse landscape, including river flats, wetlands, and towering river red gum forests. Discover picturesque walking trails that wind along the banks of the Goulburn River, where you can spot a variety of bird species and native wildlife. Experience the tranquility of the park’s peaceful camping areas, perfect for reconnecting with nature. Lower Goulburn National Park offers a sanctuary of serenity, inviting visitors to unwind, explore, and create unforgettable memories.

Cafes and Restaurants in Shepparton

Cafes in Shepparton

Shepparton has a great cafe culture and offers a selection of cosy spots for your morning coffee, an all-day brunch or light lunch. Bakeries, coffee roasters and cafes make for a comfortable community vibe. At Cafe by The Little Gourmet Food Company, order tasty food and quality coffee in an 100-year-old red brick cottage surrounded by lawns.

Restaurants in Shepparton

Restaurants in Shepparton cater for those seeking Australian cuisine, but also international food. At Cellar 47, wood-fired pizzas and bistro cuisine is served up in a quaint yet contemporary Italian setting. Comfortable and cosy, this is one of the best restaurants in Shepparton.

restaurants in shepparton

Pic credit: Angus & Co. Shepparton

Dance and sing your heart out at The Deck on Maude Street. Drop by on their specialty nights, where you can enjoy karaoke with your friends, cheer for your favourite sports team or taste the best Chicken Parma in town.

Finally, if you’re hoping to find some tasty classics in a casual environment, Angus&Co. is ideal and absolutely worth a visit. Steaks, salads, seafood – and other delicious modern classics served to perfection – can be found here. A casual and comfortable dining environment invites anyone and everyone from extended families, to couples.

Book your trip to Shepparton

Only two hours from Melbourne, Shepparton is a countryside town perfectly situated for a getaway from the city. It’s ideal for a Weekend Escape. Shepparton offers plenty of activities and is surrounded by luscious natural landscapes. This charming spot offers everything you could want from a weekend getaway in a regional town.

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