5 Best Day Trips from Alice Springs

Alice Springs is the gateway to stunning landscapes and a unique history creating a diverse and interesting destination to explore. Set off in any direction from the town centre and it won’t be long before you wander into some spectacular, unspoiled wilderness. Stay with us at Aurora Alice Springs, situated just off the town’s main street and offering a variety of rooms and suites, it is the perfect accommodation option! Read on to discover our guide to the five best day trips in Alice Springs!

West MacDonnell Ranges (10 minutes from Alice Springs)

The West MacDonnell Ranges draws a huge number of visitors every year and will attract you in with its stunning landscapes.  An adventure playground, the ranges are rich in culture with hiking trails, four-whee drive tracks, swimming holes and camping spots but they differ in subtle ways. Home to iconic tourist destinations just outside of Alice, it is definitely worth a visit.

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Simpsons Gap (20 minutes from Alice Springs)

Iconic to Alice Springs, Simpson Gap features towering cliffs of Simpsons Range, a permanent waterhole and opportunities to spot resident wildlife. At sunrise and sunset you may be luck to spot rock wallabies along the walking track into the gap. There are many short walks that pass the native plants of the area and to extraordinary views of the range!

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Serpentine Gorge (1.5 hours from Alice Springs)

A narrow gap in the West MacDonnell Ranges, follow one of the many well-marked paths along the gorge through the cool shade of river red gums to view the series of waterholes. The gorge attracts many wildlife from all around, especially birdlife. There’s a variety of hiking trails to explore, it’s just a matter of choosing whether to go under the welcoming shade of River Red Gums or high to the cliffs overlooking the rugged MacDonnell Ranges!

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Ellery Creek (1 hour from Alice Springs)

Ellery Creek Big Hole is one of the most popular and picturesque camping, walking, swimming and picnic spots in West MacDonnell National Park. The stunning water hole is fed by the West MacDonnell Ranges and surrounded by high red cliffs and sandy Ellery Creek.

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Desert Park (13 minutes from Alice Springs)

Alice Springs Desert Park is where the desert comes to life. Walk the Desert Park and immerse yourself in the beautiful of Australia’s deserts as you wander through the ancient landscapes from dry river beds to dense woodlands full of life. You will leave the Desert Park with new stories, skills and some of the secrets of the desert!

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