Wildlife Experiences Around Adelaide

There is nothing like being at one with nature during these uncertain times that we are all going through right now. All of you animal lovers out there, make time for a trip this spring and enjoy some of the wildlife experiences that Adelaide and its vicinity have to offer! 

Wildlife experiences around Adelaide

Read on to discover the best wildlife experiences around Adelaide, and treat the family to the best of Australian nature.

A family day out at Adelaide Zoo

First and foremost Adelaide Zoo will provide the family with a wonderful day out. The kids will be able to feast their eyes on more than 2,500 animals and 250 species of birds, reptiles, mammals and fish. Adelaide Zoo is particularly renowned for being the home to two delightful giant Pandas. The zoo is a lush green oasis found right in the heart of the city yet it will transport you to another world where you can relish in the wonders of nature within the animal kingdom. It is in fact a wonderful day out for all ages.

billabong zoo

If it has been your kids’ dream (or yours) to hold a Koala then look no further than Cleland Wildlife Park. Located just twenty minutes from downtown Adelaide it is the ideal place to view or even hug these adorable cuddly looking creatures. The park covers 35 hectares and is home to many other species including possums, kangaroos, dingoes and Tasmanian devils. The forest aviary being a special attraction is also not to be missed.

Take a drive to South Australian Whale Centre

Slightly further afield but well worth the drive is the South Australian Whale Centre. Set off early and take a ninety minute drive to the southern part of the Fleurieu Peninsula and Victor Harbor, where you will be able to observe the amazing Southern Right Whale. They return to this region each winter to breed and mid may is the most guaranteed time to spot them. However they can still be seen as late as October.

Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary

In order to see and experience being up close and personal with Dolphins, take a trip to the wonderful Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary. Just 20 minutes drive from Adelaide is this heavenly marine park which is the home to around 30 resident bottlenose dolphins as well another 400 which at times come and visit to play, feed and nurse their calves. Take a kayaking trip if you want to see the dolphins up close and enjoy their company while they swim around you. Within the sanctuary is the 10,000 year old mangrove forest, salt-marsh tidal flats and creeks where the dolphins feed and share their home with an abundance of bird species that can be spotted here. 

Visit the beautiful Gorge Wildlife Park

Take a drive into the Adelaide Hills and visit the lovely Gorge Wildlife Park where people and animals can chill together under the shaded trees and parklands of the hills. Take the time to meander along the paths amongst the animals and spot the wombats, echidnas, koalas, kangaroos and wallabies. Visit the exotic animals that are also on display including monkeys, otters meerkats and even American alligators. The park is also home to a wonderful array of birds from ostriches down to tiny wrens.

SA Weekend Escapes’ Top Pick

Adelaide itself is rich in wildlife so if you take time to wander around some of the citie’s parks and gaze up into the trees you will often be lucky enough to spot a cute Koala or see a possum, flying fox or bat. You don’t have to go far to have some wonderful wildlife experiences or to appreciate just what SA has to offer.

Staying in the city of Adelaide would probably not be the first place that comes to mind when choosing a base to enjoy some wildlife experiences. However this diverse city and its surrounding areas boasts an array of wildlife venues so book the family into the lovely Royal Coach Hotel and find yourself within easy reach of many fantastic locations to see animals in all their glory.

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The Adelaide Royal Coach Hotel offers good size comfortable rooms and a lovely indoor swimming pool and sauna in which to relax during your stay. The Angus and Co.Restaurant can also be found within the Hotel for a sumptuous meal and a glass of wine for the perfect end to the day.

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