Which of these 8 Barossa Valley bakeries will be your next favourite?

Whilst exploring the cold and bright countryside of the Barossa Valley this winter, you might want to stop for a snack. Whether you’ve just sampled some hearty reds, or you’ve just been for an invigorating winter hike, nibbling on something tasty and indulgent is undoubtedly temping. 

When the weather is crisp and you’re enjoying an SA weekend escape, not just any snack will do. Heat up with a warm flaky pie, indulge in a rich creamy cake or drive away with some still-warm-from-the-oven bread from a Barossa Bakery.

Supporting local Barossa businesses has never been so satisfying. Here are eight Barossa Bakeries worth a visit during a trip to the Barossa Valley in 2020. 

1. Apex Bakery 

With old school vibes, wood ovens and a family-feel, Apex Bakery is a wholesome and original Barossa bakehouse. Founded in 1924 the bakery has been family owned and run for four generations. Showcasing true Barossa-style baking skills Apex Bakery offers a great variety of beautiful breads. Slow ferment recipes are the secret to the success of the bakery which has been hot and flaming for nearly 100 years. Drop by and pick up some breads, pies and pasties. You won’t regret it.

Pic credit: Apex Bakery

2. Tanunda Bakery

Traditional German breads including Rye Sourdoughs, and delicious German treats such as Pretzels, make Tanunda Bakery classical yet unique. A range of fresh artisan breads and delectable cake selections – all crafted by hand – will ensure you don’t leave empty handed. Located in charming Tanunda itself, you won’t miss this one.

3. Linke’s Bakehouse and Pantry

Linke’s Bakehouse and Pantry is an iconic Barossa bakery. Operated in the family home in 1938, the bakery now offers its own location with coffee and dining-in options. Delicious treats – such as breads, pastries and sweets – all locally sourced, give the bakehouse an irresistible and homey vibe. You can even grab breakfast or lunch here.

Pic credit: D&Ms Bakery

4.  D&Ms Bakery Cafe

Only open since 2012, D&Ms bakery cafe, located in the quaint town of Angaston is gorgeous, cosy and intimate. Vanilla slices and jelly cakes as well as smoothies, coffees and light meals can all be found here. A passion for food and hospitality is evident at D&Ms bakery cafe. Treat yourself to a stop here and sample some of the best pies around. 

Pic credit: D&Ms Bakery

5. Lyndoch Bakery and Restaurant 

Lyndoch Bakery and restaurant has you covered if you’re looking for a hearty lunch, or a tasty takeaway. With a German twist and selling wurst rolls and schnitzels, this Barossa bakery is wonderfully cosy and very traditional. 

6. Sunrise Bakery Angaston 

Sunrise Bakery in Angaston has a rich baking history and is an integral part of Barossa’s past. Serving an abundance of pasties, sausage rolls, sandwiches and endless cakes and muffins, there’s certainly something for everyone here. There’s a lot to choose from, but friendly staff will help you out with a recommendation if you just can’t decide. 

Pop into a Barossa Bakery during your next weekend escape to the wine region. Which of these eight exquisite Barossa Bakeries will be your next favourite? We will leave that to you.

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