What to do in the Riverland in 2022

For many South Australians, the Riverland is a go-to holiday and weekend getaway destination. In fact, since we’re so familiar with the region and our favourite spots, we often don’t keep up with what’s new. In 2022, there’s so much more to the Riverland than pubs and riverside relaxation. Read this blog to find out what to do in the Riverland this year!

Out with the old Riverland and in with the new

As a holiday destination, the Riverland in South Australia is pretty perfect. Home to a series of fabulous national parks, wetlands and picturesque viewpoints, the region’s environment is totally unique. And it’s not just nature that South Aussies rush to the Riverland for. Also known for its wineries and handful of towns, the Riverland makes for a great getaway destination not only for hikers and birdwatchers, but all kinds of audiences. In recent years, the number of restaurants, wineries, breweries, distilleries and various tourism-focused companies has increased, meaning that there’s so much more to do here in 2022.

In this blog post, we present what we consider the top things to do in the Riverland. Forget a getaway packed with country pubs and riverside walks, the Riverland has so much more going on in 2022. Read on to find out more!

Pic credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

What to do in the Riverland

1. Take a hike like never before

Okay, so we said your getaway to the Riverland doesn’t have to include walking or hiking. But if you like that kind of thing, it’s a great place to do it! Thanks to its orange cliffs, wide rivers and generally spectacular scenery, this wild region of South Australia attracts a hiking crowd. Plus, the Riverland’s rich array of bird and wildlife draws nature-lovers from across the country and its beginnings from 600,000 years ago make it even more enchanting. Those seeking a hike like never before should take a look at Murray River Trails. As the most awarded river-based eco-tourism provider in the state, the company offers multi-day walks, safaris, or escape tours. If you want to see the Riverland in depth, this might be your best bet!

2. Stop at a roadside fruit stall

No trip to the Riverland is complete without a taste of some of the region’s freshest fruit and vegetables! The Riverland is known for its absolutely enormous summer stone fruit industry and abundance of almonds, stone fruit, citrus, grapes and olives, which can be found at local providores, visitor information centres and roadside stalls. As you drive towards the Riverland, drop by a local stall and stock up on some delicious fruit. Aggies Fruit Stall or Tony & Effies Fruit Stall on the Old Sturt Highway near Berri are great places to start!

Pic credit: Kristy Billing @gypsyandherwild/SATC

3. Taste some spirits

The Riverland is known for its immense production of wine, but when it comes to the drink industry, it’s becoming known for more than its grapes. Making the most of the diversity of the region, distillers are utilising local flavours and creating wonderful South Australian flavours in their products. During your visit to the Riverland, drop into 23rd Street Distillery for a tour to learn about the distilling process and then stay for a taste. Otherwise, try Angove Winery & St Agnes Distillery and taste the famous XO St Agnes Brandy.

Pic credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

4. Try some local wine

South Australia’s Riverland has long been known for producing wine. More recently however, alternative varietals are emerging from the region thanks to its creative residents, Mediterranean climate and the lifestyle of living along the Murray River. During a trip to the Riverland in 2022, you’d be crazy not to drop into a local winery! Whilst many wineries in the region are more industrial, there are a decent number of very welcoming, boutiquey wineries today. Drop into Caudo or 919, or for a more nature-focused spot, try Banrock Station and follow up your wine tasting with a walk around the conservation area.

Pic credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

5. Visit a brewery

Microbreweries are fast becoming a central item on Riverland holiday checklists. One of these breweries is found at the historic Wilkadene Station and is known as Woolshed Brewery. Offering a selection of handmade premium boutique beer and cider, this riverside brewery has a unique setting. Views across the water are perfectly accompanied by the breweries’ Produce Picnic packs which have an array of delicious Riverland goods including olives, chutneys and metwurst. Drop in by car (or boat) and sip some local brews during your trip to the Riverland in 2022!

Pic credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

6. Grab some lunch

There are a great number of lunch spots in the Riverland to choose from – many with great pub food, local produce and some tasty local beers and wines. During your next visit, why not try somewhere new? In recent years, Big River Golf and Country Club has undergone some incredible refurbishments and has won awards in the process. The Tavern – the hotel’s eatery – is a modern venue with views over the golf course and it boasts a tempting selection of tasty classics.

Big river golf and country club

Pic credit: Big River Golf and Country Club

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