The 5 best beaches on Kangaroo island

With over 500 kilometres of coastline around Kangaroo island, it is not difficult to find a stunning beach on which to wile away a day. From the whitest sandy beaches to enthralling surf breaks and deserted rocky gems, there is a magical beach to suit everyones taste. Read on to learn about the five best beaches on Kangaroo Island. 

Best beaches on Kangaroo Island

What is more relaxing than a beach break? And even more than that; what could be more relaxing than a Kangaroo Island Beach break? With its quiet and secluded nature, its world-class rugged coastline and wonderful wildlife, Kangaroo Island and its beaches rival those anywhere in the world.

Step off the ferry and immediately feel a sense of tranquility as you take on the laid back lifestyle of this beautiful island. A plethora of beaches await you! The hardest part is picking where to go.

There are simply too many beaches on Kangaroo Island to mention, but in this article we have named some of the best beaches, helping you select the perfect place to waste away the hours.

Pic credit: Stokes Bay // SATC

Stokes Bay

According to Tourism Australia, Stokes Bay is the best beach, not only on Kangaroo Island, but in Australia! We challenge anyone to disagree with them. Park up and wind your way through a labyrinth of caves before emerging onto the most beautiful white sandy beach with the clearest waters in the country. After some time spent relaxing and swimming then head to the Enchanted Fig Tree for a sumptuous meal to complete your idyllic day. From Stokes Bay it is so easy to move on from one picturesque cove to another, often finding yourselves the only people on the beach. 

Vivonne Bay Beach

Once voted Australia’s best beach, this beautiful u-shaped bay takes some beating. Without a soul in sight simply enjoy the peace and seclusion as you wade through the gently lapping waves. Head towards the jetty which stands proud at the end of this stunning six kilometre beach and admire the majestic sand dunes in the distance. 

Pic credit: @saltythebus / Snelling Beach

Snelling Beach

For any keen fishermen, this is the beach for you. Catch yourself some mullet or whiting for dinner and in the process embrace the most wonderful sunsets that kangaroo Island has to offer. As the sun slips over the horizon, the white sand turns into gold before your very eyes. It’s a sight to remember. Snellings Beach is also known to be home to a pod of friendly dolphins who sometimes like to surprise an unsuspecting visitor by swimming along beside them; a dream come true for many beachgoers!

Hanson Bay Beach

A beach that is harder to get to is often found to be one of the most beautiful. That is certainly the case with this little gem. Hanson Bay is found on the south coast of Kangaroo Island just west of the famous Kelly Hill Conservation Park. It is a smaller secluded beach, popular with surfers and fisherman so if you are looking for a day of action then this is the place for you. It is also known to be moderately safe to swim at the river mouth so take a dip in the clear blue waters and relish in the surroundings.

Pic credit: @jay.bevs / Emu Bay

Emu Bay

This beautiful white sandy beach is simply a dream to visit. Just pull up in the car, park directly on the beach and you are ready to go. This delightful stretch of sand provides wonderful calm and clear waters as it is protected from the elements of Kingscote, which is just a 10 kilometre drive along the north coast. The Emu Bay area also has a wonderful artisan food scene plus an abundance of wildlife – so, everything you need for a wonderful day out.

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