Our Top 6 Fleurieu Peninsula Walks

You’re in Victor Harbor, Port Elliot, or maybe Rapid Bay and you’re looking for a Fleurieu Peninsula walk. Maybe it’s a quick scenic walk for the family, or maybe you’re looking for a big adventurous hike to complete. Luckily the Fleurieu Peninsula is literally criss-crossed with beautiful walking trails that all help you uncover the true beauty of the region. Read on to discover six Fleurieu Peninsula walks totally worth your time of day.

Fleurieu Peninsula on foot

Come rain or shine, the Fleurieu Peninsula is a stunner. Made up of undulating hills, sprinkled with eucalyptus trees and wineries, the region also boasts a whopping coastline which entices South Australians and interstate tourists year round. Boasting great wine, world-class beaches, quaint towns and lots of hiking opportunities, there’s not much the Fleurieu Peninsula lacks.

Looking for an exciting outdoor adventure? With warm temperatures, breathtaking sunsets, and lush green scenery, the Fleurieu Peninsula is the perfect destination to escape and enjoy nature on foot. Whatever it is you’re chasing, the Fleurieu Peninsula has it all.

6 Fleurieu Peninsula Walks

In this article, we cover six incredible Fleurieu Peninsula walks. Of different lengths and difficulties, the following walks should offer you and your group the variety you need to enjoy and uncover the best of the region.

Granite Island Victor Harbor Fleurieu Peninsula

Pic credit: Trent John Martin

1. Granite Island walk (Kaiki Trail)

We start with one of the most famous walks in the region: Granite Island. The Kaiki Trail is a stunning and highly unique 3.5 kilometre walk which begins in the very heart of Victor Harbor. Taking you out across the water on a causeway, the walk begins with panoramic views of Encounter Bay. Not a bad way to start your day!

Once you arrive on Granite Island itself, a loop trail leads you in a large circle past rocks of interesting shapes and along the inspiring coastline. Visiting during winter? Look out for whales because it’s not uncommon to see them playing in the water with their calves around this time of year.

Towards the end of the trail (if you take the loop anticlockwise), you’ll arrive at a cafe where you can shelter from the wind in winter and enjoy a hot drink. In summer, it’s a great place to grab a refreshing juice. Typically, this route will take you around 45-minutes to an hour, depending on how many times you’d like to stop and admire the views.

2. Flat to Vale Trail

Families in particular will love the Flat to Vale Trail, a new 3.6 kilometre trail you can either walk or cycle, depending on your preference. Winding through gum-tree-lined vineyards, and past landscapes which look more like Italy than South Australia, you’ll travel from McLaren Flat and McLaren Vale. Since theses are both attractive, historic towns, there’s lots of potential for eating, drinking and shopping at each end!

The majority of the Red Gum-lined Flat to Vale Trail is 2.5-metre wide, plus it’s totally sealed, making it super family friendly and accessible for everyone. The trail connects to the Coast to Vines Trail, including the Shiraz Trail in McLaren Vale as well. So, if you feel like heading off for a little longer, you have the option to do just that!

walking in deep creek - Fleurieu Peninsula

Pic credit: John Montesi

3. Aaron Creek Circuit Hike (Deep Creek)

It’s undoubtable that one of the most incredible parts of the Fleurieu Peninsula is Deep Creek. Deep Creek is a picturesque national park boasting stunning coastal views and magnificent wildlife. It is for this reason that the Aaron Creek Circuit Hike makes it onto this list of Fleurieu Peninsula walks.

A somewhat hidden gem amongst Deep Creek National Park, Aaron Creek Circuit starts out in a picnic area near Goondooloo Cottage on Blowhole Beach Road. From here, you’ll head straight out to the coast where you’ll find spectacular views of the Southern Ocean waves crashing into the rocky cove below. On your way, you might also see a cascading waterfall (in winter) as well as whole load of native wildlife.

In total, this walk is about 5.5 kilometres in length, making it a great morning out or afternoon activity following a lunch at one of Victor Harbor’s best restaurants. 

4. Punchbowl Lookout Trail (Onkaparinga National Park)

Moving away from the coastline, another Fleurieu Peninsula walk which steals the hearts of its hikers is the Punchbowl Lookout Trail in Onkaparinga National Park. Opened in 2017, the trail is short and easy but boasts some truly spectacular views of Onkaparinga River Gorge.

Beginning from a car park on Piggott Range Road, the one-kilometre trail takes hikers through woodland before arriving at a lookout platform. It is here that you will gain a near 360-degree view of the beautiful gorge. Punchbowl Waterhole lies below. You might also be pleased to hear that from here, you will be able to reach the waterhole itself, using a somewhat steep trail which takes you down the cliff.

walking in the Fleurieu Peninsula - Heysen Trail

Pic credit: heidi who photos

5. The Heysen Trail (or at least a small part of it)

The Heysen Trail is a popular hiking trail that spans 1,200 km through South Australia’s bushland, beaches, and mountain ranges. Stretching from the Flinders Ranges to the coastline at Cape Jervis, it’s one of the country’s longest continuous trails and provides a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the diverse Australian landscape. Hikers can expect stunning views, incredible wildlife, and a challenging adventure as they go

By no means during your visit to Victor Harbor should you try to walk the entire Heysen Trail. In fact, the record for this trail is 13 days and 16 hours, with the average time taking between 50 and 60 days. However, since the Heysen Trail cuts through the Fleurieu Peninsula and trails along its coastline, it’s a good idea to complete a small part.

If you’re looking for one of the best Fleurieu Peninsula walks, you can’t go too wrong taking the Heysen Trail from The Bluff towards Waitpinga. In fact, anywhere along this beautiful coastline will make for an incredible hike with immense views! Look down from the cliffs here and you may see dolphins or even whales in winter. The great thing about the Heysen Trail is that you can walk for as long as you like; make it a whole day experience or just a quick wander – it’s up to you!

6. Myponga Reservoir Reserve

Nestled near the township of Myponga on the stunning Fleurieu Peninsula (about an hour’s drive south of Adelaide), is the Myponga Reservoir Reserve. Those looking for a walk not too far from a town will love this spot for its wildlife, bird life and very user friendly paths. People – both tourists and locals – flock here for runs or with families to enjoy a wander and a picnic. You might also like to head to the lookout and take in the scenic surrounds whilst you’re here.

Beautiful Myponga is home to 10.5 kilometres of unsealed trails. The south eastern loop takes its walkers through open plains, forested areas and native vegetation. Meanwhile, the 3 kilometres trail is a little steeper, has some uneven surfaces and is a little more like ‘bushwalking’.

Accommodation in the Fleurieu Peninsula

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After enjoying one of the many Fleurieu Peninsula walks, you’ll want a place to enjoy a hearty dinner as well as a comfortable place to lay your head.

The Anchorage is a popular accommodation option located in Victor Harbor, the heart and soul of the Fleurieu Peninsula. The seaside hotel offers comfortable rooms, stunning views of the ocean, and easy access to attractions such as Granite Island (it’s a two minute walk away!). The Anchorage is a great choice for those looking to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Fleurieu Peninsula.