Instagram-able Mannum - your best photo ops!

Don’t forget your camera when you head out and about in Mannum, especially in our top Instagram-able spots.

The Murray River

Within relatively short distances the scenery changes from willow lined banks to mighty cliffs then back to magnificent gum tree lined banks and rural scenery. Turn the next corner, and the scene may repeat itself, or be completely different.

Sunrise or Sunset

Photo credit: David Hartley, Mannum Motel

Enjoy and capture some of the most amazing colourful and serene sunrises and sunsets along the Murray River.

Mannum Falls

The picturesque Mannum waterfalls will reward the adventurous, particularly in the winter months when the falls are flowing.

Bird Life

Get up close and personal with nature.  The Murray River is home to unique birdlife, and spectacular flora and fauna along the riverbanks.

Paddle Boats on the Murray

Paddle Steamer

Paddle steamers and paddle boats have been on the Murray River and the Murray-Darling Basin since 1853 when William Randell launched the first steamer the P.S. Marry Ann near Mannum, South Australia.  Today the paddle boats are still an amazing site as they cruise up and down the river.

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