Whyalla's world-famous cuttlefish experience

Every single winter thousands of Giant Australian Cuttlefish flock to the shallow waters of South Australia’s Spencer Gulf for breeding season. Find out why a visit to Whyalla to experience this world-renowned phenomena is an absolute must this winter season!

Pic credit: Carl Charter/Stony Point

What is the Giant Australian cuttlefish congregation?

Everyone living in South Australia Рespecially those with a love for marine life Рmust visit Whyalla during winter. Between the months of May and August each year, Giant Australian Cuttlefish roam the shallow waters of the Spencer Gulf. More specifically, they congregate across approximately 10km of shoreline in the Upper Spencer Gulf Marine Park.

Whilst these fascinating creatures might inhabit the oceans all the way from the coast of Queensland, along the southern coastal waters of Australia and along to Ningaloo Reef in WA, it is only here in South Australia that they aggregate annually, en masse and with such predictability.

Breeding season is the reason for this huge gathering of Giant Australian Cuttlefish in Whyalla and as a result, throughout May, June and July, the number of cuttlefish dramatically increases. If you’re wondering why they have chosen here of all places to settle for the winter months, the rocky seabeds offer cuttlefish an excellent environment for females to lay their eggs.

Pic credit: Carl Charter/Stony Point

What makes this annual event so special?

One of the most magnificent things about this yearly occurrence is the spectacular display of colours and unbelievable ‘dances’ the cuttlefish perform as they try their best to attract mates. Giant Australian Cuttlefish are masters of changing colour and becoming camouflage, blending in with their surroundings. Their ability to change shape and texture allows them to appear as rocks, sand or seaweed whenever they wish.

On top of their ability to be spectacularly colourful and mysterious, Giant Australian Cuttlefish are just that; giant. Males can measure up to 50cm long and weigh 10kg! They’re the largest cuttlefish in the world. What’s more, they’re not particularly bothered by those observing them, so if you’re brave enough to take the plunge you’re guaranteed to be rewarded with a pretty memorable experience.

Pic credit: Carl Charter/Stony Point

How can I experience this world-renowned cuttlefish gathering?

The best places to experience Giant Australian Cuttlefish are at Point Lowly and Stony Point. In fact, at Stony Point a boardwalk leads visitors into shallow water waist-heigh, making for a safer option for families. It is worth mentioning that cuttlefish here can be found in water as shallow as a metre, so if you don’t feel like heading out too far, that won’t be a problem!

Those looking to make the most of their trip to Whyalla might want to consider a tour with a qualified tour guide. The advantages of this being that you will taken to the best spots, whilst you’ll also have someone watching over yours you navigate the shallow waters. With Whyalla Diving Services, you can head into the water with a trained guide and a small group. Options for those unable to swim or uncomfortable in the water are also available, meaning that the experience is pretty much available for everybody.

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