The Best of SA's Bakeries

It has always been said by Adelaideans that the Port Elliot Bakery is the best in South Australia. It’s heaps good! But we’ve got a few favourites that we’ve found along our travels and we’ve decided to share them with you.

  1. Sunrise Bakery
    A little bliss in every bite!
    In the small country town of Truro, North-East of Adelaide, lives a little hidden gem, the Sunrise Bakery. Here you’ll find every bakery classic and SA’s best vanilla slice (you can quote us on that). The Sunrise Bakery can also be found along your travels through Angaston and Gawler.
  2. Tanunda Bakery
    Our one-stop shop for lunch in the Barossa Valley. The Tanunda Bakery offers an epic variety of traditional German breads and treats influenced by the family’s own heritage. Here, you’ll also find classic Aussie favourites and more. Their passion may be authentic, German sourdough, but we can’t go past those streusel buns!
  3. Clare Rise Bakery
    For a taste of the best classic and experimental bakery treats made with as much local produce as possible, pop into the Clare Rise Bakery. Owners Chris and Amanda Harris are forever creating delicious goods made with local seasonal fruits including quandongs, figs and rhubarb, and they’re that good! For something savoury, their housemade pastys are well worth the visit alone!
  4. Bush Bakery and Quandong Café
    Many would agree it’s the best in the outback. The Bush Bakery and Quandong Café in Copley, located in the Flinders Ranges and Outback region of South Australia, is an attraction in itself. Here you can enjoy a hearty meal from a variety of native animals including kangaroo and emu. Or try their quandong creations, one of the great undiscovered bush tucker foods on the menu. This place is legendary even if we do say so ourselves!
  5. Home Grain Bakery
    Baking everything from scratch from local ingredients and using recipes “that would make your grandmother proud”, this place is genius. At the Home Grain Bakery in Aldinga, you can pick up a classic minced beef pie or try their egg and bacon brekkie pie creation. Home Grain’s signature is their range of handcrafted bread that see locals going out of their way to get their hands on a loaf.

If you haven’t yet tried these hidden gems, hit the road this long weekend and taste for yourself!