8 breathtaking Adelaide lookouts

Adelaide, with its cool little CBD and natural allure, is a city that mesmerises visitors. This is especially true from up high. Exploring Adelaide’s lookouts provides a unique opportunity to truly appreciate the city’s underrated magnificence. Whether it’s the sweeping views of the city skyline, the lush greenery of the Adelaide Hills, or the breathtaking coastal panoramas, each lookout offers a glimpse into South Australia’s landscapes. In this article, we present eight fantastic Adelaide lookouts from which you can admire Adelaide’s blend of urban sophistication and picturesque natural surroundings.

Adelaide from up high – the best lookouts in the city

Every city looks incredible from up high, but Adelaide looks the best! Thanks to the city’s natural surroundings, beautiful hills, twinkling city lights and turquoise ocean, the South Australian capital knows how to ‘wow’ with a panorama. And from many points across the city (mostly from the start of the Adelaide Hills), view-seekers can situate themselves up high for city views which will impress even the most seasoned of traveller.

Check out these 8 Adelaide lookouts

In this article, we share eight incredible viewpoints from which you can admire Adelaide and its surrounds and get a good grasp of what South Australia’s cool little capital is all about.

mount lofty summit lookout over Adelaide

1. The most popular Adelaide Lookout: Mount Lofty Summit

Every visitor to Adelaide should visit Mount Lofty, either by car or on foot. By car, the journey takes about 20 minutes from the city. At the top, you’ll find a paid car park. Otherwise, for the keen walkers among us, the famously steep Mount Lofty walk is a paved hike which takes walkers from a car park at Waterfall Gully, to the peak. Typically, the walk will take one hour. At the top, you’ll find not only a cafe and toilets but a souvenir shop and views to die for!

2. Waite Conservation Area

Located about 15 minutes south west from Adelaide CBD, the Waite Conservation Area is a great place for a weekend walk and beautiful Adelaide views. Climb to the top of the conservation area using steep steps, and then once you’re at the top, trace the hills until you slowly descend. All the way, you’ll find stunning views worth taking a camera for.

3. An Adelaide lookout without hiking: Skye Lookout

Looking for an Adelaide viewpoint that doesn’t require a heap of walking? Skye Lookout is the one for you. Located in Burnside, this gorgeous spot involves a steep drive up hill through some housing. At the top, you’ll find a grassy area where you can enjoy a picnic or a drink at sunset. From the top of Skye Lookout, you’ll be able to look cross the entire city, all the way to the sea. At night, this is a wonderful place to admire the city lights. Fancy a little wander? You can take a short 5 minute walk further up the hill here to get away from the sunset crowds (although it’s never very busy!).

sol rooftop lookout in Adelaide

Pic credit: Meaghan Coles

4. An Adelaide Lookout with a drink: Sol Bar

Of our list of Adelaide lookouts, this is probably the most unique, as it’s located inside the city. However, Sol Bar (located in SkyCity Adelaide), is a gorgeous bar which boasts views of the river, Adelaide Oval and across to the north of Adelaide. Sol is renowned for its incredible cocktails and fun atmosphere, so if you’re looking for more of a sip than a hike, this is the place for you!

5. Chambers Gully Track

Renowned amongst Adelaideans, Chambers Gully Track is an incredible hiking track that takes its guests to one of the best viewpoints in the city. Starting from Chambers Gully (on the way to the start of the famous Mount Lofty Hike), this approximately 8km track is well worth the energy. From the sugarloaf lookout here, you’ll find a bench and plenty of grass for a picnic or a drink. Once you’ve been, you’ll absolutely fall in love with the sunset views and you won’t be able to stay away!

Morialta conservation park

Pic credit: SATC/Joel Durbridge (Morialta)

6. Most beautiful nature lookout: Morialta Falls

Morialta Falls, located within Morialta Conservation Park, offers captivating views that are truly a feast for the eyes! As you hike along the well-maintained trails, you’ll be rewarded with glimpses of the cascading waterfalls framed by the rugged gorges and towering rock formations. Orange rocks against the green eucalyptus trees make for a special sight. But not only do the views from Morialta Falls showcase the raw beauty of Adelaide’s nature, they will also offer you glimpses of the city below. If you’ve got a few hours to walk the entire loop, it comes highly recommended.

7. Anstey Hill Lookout

Anstey Hill Lookout, located in the Anstey Hill Recreation Park in Adelaide, offers a picturesque viewpoint with panoramic vistas. Situated in the northeastern suburbs, the lookout provides breathtaking views of the surrounding bushland, Adelaide Plains, and even glimpses of the city skyline in the distance. It is a popular spot for nature lovers, hikers, and photographers who seek to capture the beauty of the rolling hills, dense vegetation, and the tranquil reservoir nearby. Plus, there is a handy pub at the bottom (the Fox and Firkin) for hydration purposes.

Beaumont lookout Adelaide

8. Beaumont Lookout

Arguably one of the best Adelaide lookouts is located on the Beaumont Circuit. Starting in the suburb of Beaumont, only a ten minute drive from the city, this beautiful circuit takes about 40 minutes. During the loop, you’ll most likely spot koalas and you’ll definitely spot good views from all angels. Be warned – there’s a very steep ascent (or decent – depending on which way you decide to walk), so make sure you’re prepared for the walk.

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