6 Shepparton orchards and local produce to discover

Shepparton in Victoria is known for its fertile agricultural land. The town and it surrounds produce a variety of fresh fruits including peaches, apricots, pears, and apples throughout the year. During your weekend escape to Shepparton, learn a little about the local region and its abundant produce with a a trip to one of many Shepparton orchards, farms or stores. From factory outlets, to chocolate apples, cider and fruit sheds, in this article we share some of the best spots to enjoy Shepparton’s celebrated produce.

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Shepparton: “Australia’s food bowl”

Those living in Victoria will know that Shepparton is a major fruit and vegetable growing regions. In fact, it’s one of Australia’s biggest producers. Growing a majority of the nation’s produce, Shepparton and its surrounds produce a range of fruits such as nashis, nectarines, peaches, plums, and apricots. The Shepparton region in Australia plays a vital role in the country’s agriculture and economy, particularly in the realm of fruit production.

Have you got plans to visit Shepparton? During your stay, explore one of the largest ‘food bowls’ of Australia by sampling the best produce of the region. From fruit sheds to ciders and chocolate apples, Shepparton is a great place to learn a little about Australia’s incredible agriculture and discover the tastes of the region.

The best Shepparton orchards, farms and local produce

In this article, we share the some of the best Shepparton orchards, farms and produce to sample during a stay in the Goulburn Valley.

1. Chocolate Apple Factory

Start your trip to Shepparton with a visit to the Chocolate Apple Factory. Geoff and Vera Fleming started their Chocolate Apple business back in 2006 on their Shepparton orchard. Their quest for interesting ways to use the orchard’s fruit led to the creation of fruit liqueurs, specialty condiments, and ultimately the Gourmet Caramel Chocolate Apple. Today, Shepparton’s favourite Chocolate Apple Factory celebrates the produce of Shepparton in a super creative and delicious way. Drop in and select your favourite (locally grown) Pink Lady Apple dipped in creamy caramel, smothered in chocolate and topped with tasty treats. This is an absolute winner for the kids!

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2. Cactus Country

Amongst a sandy stretch of countryside in Victoria, you’ll find a collection of incredible cactuses which not only make for unique scenery but some tasty treats. Cactus Country offers its visitors over 4,000 species of cacti and succulents to admire surrounding eight garden paths. Perfect for families and travellers spanning all ages, Cactus Country has become a must-see in the region. Once you’ve explored the gardens enough, head to the cafe where you’ll be able to enjoy anything from mojitos to cactus ice cream! One thing’s for certain – you’ve never visited anywhere like this!

3. Zanker’s Farm

Located just north of Shepparton, Zanker’s Farm is a family farm producing organic eggs, meat and garlic. Using regenerative processes, the farm’s main aim is to cultivate through food, through the animals they raise and the soil they use. Zanker’s Farm boasts a selection of fresh and high-quality flavours just a short 20-minute ride to the north of Shepparton. Drop by to see the farm and to pick up some top-notch beef, pork, garlic, duck, and hen’s eggs. Taste healthy and delicious food straight from the source at Zanker’s!

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4. Boris’s Fruit Shed

Try seasonal flavours of the Goulburn Valley at Boris’s Fruit Shed. Here, from mid-January to mid-March, the orchard produces an impressive 20 tons of fruit every day (seven days per week)! Pay a visit to the Shepparton orchard and select from a wide range of seasonal fruit, including plums, peaches, cherries, and pears.

5. SPC Factory

Find everything you need in one place at SPC Factory in Shepparton. Whilst it might be fun to visit one of Shepparton’s orchards or farms, at SPC Factory you can find everything you need from the Goulburn Valley all at your fingertips. Selling direct to the public, the outlet experience here offers top Australian brands with 20-70% off normal retail prices. The modern, state-of-the art outlet has a great local atmosphere with car parking available. Pop in and pick up some fresh produce for your Shepparton stay!

6. The Cheeky Grog Co.

Made using apples freshly harvest from nearby farms in the river flats of the Goulburn region, The Cheeky Grog produces tasty ciders you’ll want to take home. Established in 2004 as a means of making cider which results in 100% use of all fruit grown on farms, The Cheeky Grog comes from a passionate line of fruit growers. In the family, a German line of winemakers also offer the cider a professional and well-versed flare. The crushing, brewing and bottling (the fun part) happens at the Bunbartha cidery. Book your cellar door appointment for your upcoming visit!

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